Lads, You Can Now Get A Ferry From Ireland To Spain And We're Already Sweating

Lads, You Can Now Get A Ferry From Ireland To Spain And We're Already Sweating

If Spain wasn't a top destination for Irish travelers before, it will be now.  That's thanks to Brittany Ferries, who made the announcement earlier today that you can now get the boat all the way to Espania.

If you and your friends or the fam want to bring the car to Europe the company will operate two direct return sailings weekly from Cork to Santander in Northern Spain.

According to The Irish Independent, the service will have a "distinctly, Spanish theme" and will offer a comfortable "no-frills" service with 120 cabins that will include "pet-friendly" zones. also be a small shop, café-bar, and passenger lounges - schmancy.

Cork to Santander map (Courtesy of Brittany Ferries)


If you're living in Cork then the voyage couldn't be any handier on the 'Connemara'. Crossings will take 26 hours, with departures from Cork on Wednesdays and Fridays. The 'Connemara' will carry around 500 passengers with space for 195 cars, and the company expects a 50/50 split between passengers and freight carried. 

The ferry will bring you to Santander, a short drive from Bilbao and San Sebastian, and offers a gorgeous view of Spain for travelers wanting to drive.

The Ferry will begin sailing from April until the end of November 2018 and tickets will go on sale by the end of January.

Who fancies a European road trip?

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