Lonely Planet Bills Ireland As The Top Destination For Travel

Lonely Planet Bills Ireland As The Top Destination For Travel

Can we get a whoop whoop!

It's no secret that Ireland is peppered with great little holiday spots for tourists. What we lack in size, we make up for in endless craic, super model scenery and it goes without saying, we're the friendliest bunch of people going.

And now it's official, if adventurous souls need their fix of adrenaline, they should start ticking Ireland off their bucket lists.

Travel bible Lonely Planet has given a top destination nod to Ireland in their latest list. In new Lonely Planet's Atlas of Adventure, they recognise our country as a  "…top destination for coastal adventures, testing endurance events and multi-day walks.

Sure, we just do it for the craic really don't we? The travel guide would definitely beg to differ folks. According to Lonely Planet, our love for the outdoors combined with a good challenge has a much deeper rooted meaning.

"It’s been suggested that Ireland’s embrace of adventure racing, ultra-running and other punishing outdoor challenges combines a celebration of a mythic warrior past with self-inflicted penance for the excesses of the country’s recent boom-and-bust.

The travel guide counts swimming at the Forty Foot in Dublin, the Wild Atlantic Ways and surfing at the Cliffs of Moher, Clare as top experiences for outdoor enthusiasts.


The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way has exploded Ireland's tourism popularity in recent years so it's not surprising, the travel route is complimented in the travel guide.

"In a country, less than 500km long, the Irish have conjured up the innovative 2,500km Wild Atlantic Way, which follows the coast-hugging roads and boreens of the west coast to string together adventure-activity outfitters, spell-binding seascapes, and welcoming bars.

The Forty Foot

Dublin gets a mention twice with references to the Forty Foot and the annual Liffey Swim, which is held this weekend.

“The Forty Foot on the edge of Dublin Bay is mentioned in James Joyce’s Ulysses and still attracts sea swimmers year-round while each August the capital’s Liffey River hosts the world’s second oldest continuously swum open race.


The Cliffs of Moher

Of course, a list of Ireland's favourites wouldn't be complete without a mention to The Cliff of Moher. The guide gushes over Ireland’s coastlines as having “Europe’s biggest, best and most varied surf" and says:

The ‘perfect’ big wave is Aileen’s, a 12m monster off the colossal Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, named after nearby headland Aill na Searrach (the cliff of foals) by the local surfer John McCarthy. who first rode it.

The prestigious guide also notes our affinity with the sea. “Ireland is defined by the sea. Huge waves, towering cliffs and long beaches attract elite surfers, sea paddlers, climbers, kiters and open-water swimmers.”

Not only that, climbing, hiking and cycling were also mentioned as must do sports on the adventure list.

Not bad for a little old island eh?!

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