Trips To Make Before You Turn 25

Trips To Make Before You Turn 25

So we're getting the end of summer blues big time at CollegeTimes thinking about all those unbelievable holiday destinations everyone is jetting off to. We pooled our experiences together and came up with this list of places that no matter what, every student has to visit during their formative years.


The Number 1 destination for American spring breakers, this should be the number 1 reason why you should go. Thousands of American girls and guys getting very drunk and partying all day and night, what's not to love, it's just like in the movies! An expensive option but well worth it if you can piece together the funds.


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so you sort of have to experience Sin City for yourself. It's a hedonists playground with numerous casinos, nightclubs and strip joints. We recommend staying in the MGM and partying in XS, Marquee or the newly opened Hakkasan. Remember to pace yourself otherwise you'll end up like this guy.



It truly is one of the best places on Earth. If you're into dance music it is destination number 1 and caters for everyone with acts ranging from Avicii and David Guetta to Marco Carola and Richie Hawtin no one will be left disappointed. Stay away from the over populated areas like San Antonio, unless your only there for 2for1 drinks, and stay near Ibiza Town for a true Balearic experience. Visit Space and Pacha for a real clubbing experience.

Inter railing

Costing about 400 euro for a ticket for unlimited trains around Europe for a month this is one of the most cost efficient holidays to go on. Staying in hostels and trekking around with a giant bag isn't much craic but once you get over it there is infinite fun to be had. If you plan well you'll find some gems to stay in. For party animals make sure you head to Berlin, stay in the Generator Hostel and take a trip to Watergate, one of Europe's finest clubs.


Recommended Route - Amsterdam - Berlin - Prague - Krakow - Budapest - Lake Bled - Pag - Dubrovnik


Want to be like these Yoloers? A rite of passage for Irish students. The J1 holiday consists of going to the US on a working holiday... but really it's just an excuse to go to America and get pissed for 3 months while struggling to find a job and setting Irish - US relations back a few years. Chicago is a venue of choice but don't discount areas in California like San Diego or Huntington Beach, just don't find yourself caught up in trouble.



Check out this great mashup of one groups journey through Thailand and Laos. If the fool moon parties, Tubing and ladyboys don't do it for you then trekking through Chang Mai or travelling around the countries various islands make for an unreal trip not to mention the outrageous amount of drinking to be done, it's a once in a lifetime trip.

Island Hopping - Greece

The Greek islands including Mykonos, Crete, Santorini and Ios make for an unforgettable holiday. If you can, rent a boat and travel the islands around Greece. If your not loaded make sure you get to Crete and Ios and definitely Mykonos, where the world famous cliff top Cavo Paradiso hosts some of the world's best DJs.

Skiing Trip

Any college you go to will have a ski trip organised for some stage in January and you would be a fool to miss it. Don't let the snow and sometimes lofty price deter you from what could be the best week of your whole time in college. Resort of choice has to be Val D'Isere, the world famous Folie Douce holds day parties on the mountain so even if you don't like skiing you can still have fun!

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