7 Reasons Every College Student Should Travel Alone

7 Reasons Every College Student Should Travel Alone

So you want to go travelling but no one will go with you. Whether it's excuses like not having enough money, job commitments or not really having an interest, there are loads of reasons to travel solo.

You might head off on your own because you simply choose to. Regardless, travelling by yourself has tonnes of benefits. With everything from making friends, pushing yourself in new situations and even trying new experiences you would never have before, here's why you should go travelling alone.

1. You'll make 10 times more friends

As you're by yourself, you have to really make an effort to make friends and meet people. You end up saying yes to every opportunity given to you, and in the end, have more experiences than if you were in a huge group.

2. It makes planning easier

When you're a solo traveller you decide what you want to do and when. There are no arguments, no settling, you just pick what you want to do and go ahead and make it a reality.


3. It will boost the old confidence

Whether it's ordering your meal in broken Spanish, heading out on an adventure by yourself, or even trying to figure out the Subway, travelling alone seriously challenges you in a good way. You learn so much about yourself, and in turn you can apply the lessons you've learned along the way to your everyday life.

4. You learn loads about yourself

You'll test your ability to get around, to be in your own thoughts and to make important decisions. Travelling solo will test you mentally as well as physically. You'll learn what makes you tick, how you deal by yourself in stressful situations, and even gather valuable experiences.

5. You'll find travelling easier


When you're on your lonesome you make more of an effort to notice road signs, take in scenery and pay more attention in general. You'll learn so much about travelling your next trip will be a breeze.

6. You'll appreciate being around others

Having a lot of downtime by yourself means that when you are around people, you'll appreciate them that much more. This applies to when you're travelling or at home, you'll cherish your mates and we guarantee you won't take them for granted.

7. You'll become comfortable being by yourself

Personally, I find it very hard to have alone time. I love nothing more than constantly being around people, but sometimes being comfortable by yourself can be a great thing. Solo travel will do just that, and in the future if you're ever by yourself for a long period of time, you'll sail through it.

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