5 Reasons You Should Head On An Irish Road Trip

5 Reasons You Should Head On An Irish Road Trip

When you think of summer road trips you probably think of cruising down Route 66 in a red Mustang, with the sun beating over your head. But hey, have you ever thought of driving across Ireland in your Mam's Punto with the rain beating against the window?

Seriously though, making a road trip around Ireland is a brilliant alternative to heading abroad for the summer, and is especially great if you're low on funds. So here's a few routes and reasons you should head off around the Emerald Isle for a road trip this summer.

1. It's cheap

As long as you have a full car to split petrol costs, it's cheap as chips. You can cut down on funds by staying in hostels, or make it cheaper again by camping as you go.

2. You should fully explore your own country

It's the easiest place to visit, yet we tend to choose other countries over our own. Stop being a lazy shite and go out and explore. It's quite literally on our doorstep and has some amazing outdoors activities like rock climbing, surfing and hiking.


3. You can make a whopper mixtape for the journey

Go a bit old-school and make a CD with different genres for the journey. Some Tame Impala for chilling, ACDC for speeding down the motorway and Natasha Bedingfield for some sing-alongs.

4. There are some amazing pubs around Ireland

From old man pubs to super-hip ones, there are literally tonnes of places to grab a nice pint of the black stuff. Make a plan to try Guinness from all over Ireland, an activity everyone can agree on.


5. There are so many great routes to take

Whether it's west along the wild Atlantic way, north up by Donegal, south along the Ring of Kerry or east by Dublin and Wicklow, you won't be short on choice.


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