Ryanair Has Announced Up To 20% Off 1m Seats. But You Need To Act Fast

Ryanair Has Announced Up To 20% Off 1m Seats. But You Need To Act Fast

Drop everything you're doing, Ryanair has just announced up to 20% off 1 million seats but you have to act fast and book by midnight tomorrow 21st March. So if you've been hemming and hawing about a European City break or a bit of sun now is the time to act. The catch is you have to travel between April and May, a nice time of the year for a break if Summer just feels like too far away. As with most of these Ryanair sales, it helps to travel on a weekday.

Here are just some top routes that are on offer:

Malaga, Spain

Who wouldn't love a few chill out days in Malaga.  In April and May, the weather is in the early 20s, the perfect temperature for our Irish skin. The benefit of travelling to Malaga in April and May is yes the cheaper flights but also you get there before peak season, giving yourself some space on those yellow-sand beaches.

Lisbon, Portugal 


Lisbon is regularly featured on top city lists and if you've visited Lisbon you'll see why. Lisbon is a cool, trendy city with great nightlife and even better food. A trip to Lisbon is not complete without a day of binge eating and a few nice beverages at the Time Out Market.

Bologna, Italy 

Bologna is the lively, historic capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, in Northern Italy. Italy is also famed for its food making it ideal for a foodie getaway.

Marrakesh, Morocco

If your looking for a destination has sun but is also rich in culture, then look no further than Marrakesh. You'll be Instagramming everything.

Copenhagen, Denmark

After studying my Erasmus in Denmark, Copenhagen is hands down my favourite city to visit. It is a small city so it's ideal for a weekend break. Go on a city tour boat trip at Nyhavn, take a trip to Christiania the hippy Freetown within the capital and sit outside a cafe and enjoy the best brunching experience. There's so much to see in the stylish, trendy Danish capital.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Another great destination for a weekend break, Amsterdam has it all. In Amsterdam, you can have the ideal balance of culture and "the craic". You can spend daytime visiting museums,  Art galleries and Anne Franks house or at markets or vintage shop and spend your evenings embracing the nightlife.

You can search for all these and more great deals here. Happy holiday planning!

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