ANOTHER Ryanair 1 Million Seat Sale Has Just Been Announced!

ANOTHER Ryanair 1 Million Seat Sale Has Just Been Announced!

Not another Ryanair seat sale! Ryanair are running a "Thanks a Billion" seat sale until midnight Wednesday, for flights between the 13th of November and the 15th of December.

Ryanair are celebrating growing their passenger traffic by 11% to 12.6 million customers in July. On top of that, the amount of people that Ryanair have been filling flights with has also increased by 1%. Ryanair's Kenny Jacobs has stated that the airline has become the first European airline to carry over 12 million customers in just one month, the month in question being July.

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If that's not enough reason to slash prices, the airline has also reached its billionth customer since its first flight in 1985, becoming the first airline in the European Union to carry more than one billion passengers.

There are 1 million discounted tickets and destinations available in the sale include Prague, Czech Republic from €34.39 each way, Porto, Portugal from €27.19 each way and Eindhoven, The Netherlands from €20.00 each way.

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