Ryanair Have Launched A Massive Halloween Sale

Ryanair Have Launched A Massive Halloween Sale

Ryanair have gone and done what Ryanair do best, temporarily slashed their prices to a point where you find it impossible to imagine that there aren't people in their system being ruthlessly exploited somehow.

Their opening line announcing this Halloween themed sale borrows the opening lines of the witches incantation from MacBeth, 'Double, double toil and bubble, fire burn and cauldron bubble'. I don't think it's overstepping the mark to say that, when William Shakespeare was writing those lines some 400 years ago, he would've been nothing if not flattered to learn that in some distant future, almost inconceivable to him, they would be used as the opening gambit of a marketing email announcing a frankly, very comprehensive sale on air travel.

With seats starting from €5 to many British airports as well as to actual mainland European airports such as Brussels and Frankfurt there are some absolute bargains here. Look around you right now. Perhaps you're sitting in your bedroom; maybe you're perched on a bench by a frigid canal; you may even be glumly ambling around an abattoir owned by your uncle Keith who insists on showing you his new delivery of bolt guns whenever you visit, wouldn't you gladly trade any of these locations for the chance to be in Mallorca for the lowly cost of €14.99?


Check out the full list of routes on offer here. Get in there quick as the discounted seats will surely sell out, except for some of the less appealing places, we all know where we're talking about *cough* Leeds *cough*.

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Rory McNab

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