Sweet Christ! Ryanair Have Launched A Massive Sale With ALL Flights €5

Sweet Christ! Ryanair Have Launched A Massive Sale With ALL Flights €5

For those of you afraid of the idea of heavily discounted air travel bringing affordable international holidays to the masses then this is the point where you should stop reading. Ryanair, they love nothing more than heavily slashing the prices of their flights. This is but one of the many days where I thank my lucky stars I am not an employee of the Ryanair finance department. "Yet another sale!?" I imagine one of the harangued accountants plaintively wailing, thudding his pale fist down in frustration on one of those large fancy calculators that accountants have, as he sees the email announcing the news ping into his inbox, "However are we to turn a profit when we're essentially doing everything short of offering to piggyback potential holidaymakers to Bologna or whatever destination has tickled their fancy?"

Well, the latest decision that is sure to contribute to the company's finance department having their life-expectancy decimated from stress-related anxiety, is a flight sale where all flights are a fiver.

Their latest sale applies to 50,000 seats on a variety of routes and is valid for people booking today and tomorrow, ie October 8-9. The fares are subject to availability and are sure to sell out quickly.

Flying from Dublin, you can travel to - among others - London, Glasgow, Manchester, or - should you for whatever reason deem this journey necessary - the East Midlands.


The sale also applies to flights from Cork, Kerry, Shannon and Knock. So get moving people! Check out their website here.

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Rory McNab

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