Is This The Right Way To Speak Irish?

Is This The Right Way To Speak Irish?

Ever wondered how locals properly pronounce place names in their own accent? Well, now you can know first hand without ever having met them. allows you to speak Irish, German, French, Arabic and pretty much any language you can think of, in your actual accent for other people to listen to. How the site basically works is you can record the different ways to pronounce your county and main place names in your own dialect, so others can properly hear what it sounds like.

The site was created by a guy called David after he went backpacking through Europe and wanted to find recordings on how to properly pronounce place names and phrases. From here he created the site so others can do the same.

You can record the Irish accent from different counties so people can know the difference between Mayo to Cork and Dublin to Westmeath. When you think about it, it's a great idea and provides hours of procrastination from those exams your pretending to study for.



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Ciara Finnegan

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