WOW Airline Has Massive 40% Flash Sale On Flights To America

WOW Airline Has Massive 40% Flash Sale On Flights To America

Dreams of a distant land are always in the backs of our minds and, thanks to airline sales, sometimes these dreams can become a reality.

This week WOW airlines have shared a massive discount code on flights to the United States. From today until Monday 27 August, the airlines flash sale will be slashing prices like nobody's business.

The flash sale is applicable to flights between 27 August to 15 December and must be booked anytime between today, Thursday 23 August, and just before midnight on Monday 27 August. Passengers can book cheap as chips flights to destinations like Cleveland, St. Louis, Dallas and, of course, Iceland, the home of the airline.

If you fancy getting your hands on these flights, avail of the offer by visiting the Wow website and choosing your trip to the available destinations and enter the promo code WOWSALE. 


Remember, the discount only applies to flights between the 27 August and 15 December.

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