Flights From Dublin To Canada Are About To Get A Lot Cheaper

Flights From Dublin To Canada Are About To Get A Lot Cheaper

It's no secret that Ireland and Canada have a close relationship - remember Leo and Justin's friendship blossoming friendship?

Not only have both countries been rapidly liberalising but Canada has become home to thousands of Irish people over recent decades. Recently its become the most popular place for Irish students to spend their J1s and to stay during their graduate visas.

If you have family living in Canada or plan on spending your graduate visa in moose country then flights are about to get a lot cheaper. Today Norwegian Airlines announced a new flight route from Dublin to Hamilton, Ontario; a 40-minute drive from Toronto.

Flights won't begin taking off from Dublin Airport until next March but you can book tickets from today.


If you're planning to visit the birthplace of Drake, Keanu Reeves, Margaret Atwood, and Jim Carrey don't forget to pop over to Nigeria Falls, the riverbank of the city.

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