10 Reasons to Ignore the People Who Say You're Better Off Single

Recently, I've been seeing a lot of articles popping up on the CollegeTimes Newsfeed which read-


This debate has been too one-sided.  While there are benefits to being single, there are also benefits to being in a relationship.  If you genuinely like someone you should date them because otherwise, things can get messy.

1) We can't always control our feelings

We've all been there, we've all  had those crushes that we just can't control.  No matter how much you might WANT to be single, or think that you want to sleep around, this won't stop you from developing romantic feelings if you meet someone you like.  This is normal and if there's a chance that those feelings could become reciprocal, why shouldn't you embrace it?

2) Relationships help you to learn about yourself


Being single is good because it gives you an opportunity to spend time with yourself and figure out the things that you want.  But relationships also teach you things about yourself that you would never find out otherwise.  Break-ups suck, but sometimes the pain that's involved can be rewarding in the long-term.

3) Relationships teach you what you want in a long-term partner

While a lot of people will have relationships that don't last throughout their twenties, a lot of people will eventually start looking to settle down once they hit the 30 mark.  If you haven't had some kind of serious relationship by the time you're 30, it will be much harder to figure out whether the guy/girl you're dating is really the sort of person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

4) Jealousy is an ugly colour


If you like someone, like really like someone, but don't actually go out with them, then inevitably, other people will get involved.  One of you will kiss someone else and then suddenly, a whole lot of drama will ensue.

5) Your partner won't hold you back from doing the things that you want

If you're in a relationship with someone who is holding you back, that is a BAD relationship and you shouldn't put up with up it.  However if you are in a GOOD relationship, then your partner will encourage you to explore the world, go after that job, move to the big city, etc., and they will support you in whatever your goals are.  Heck, they might even join you.

6) Being in a relationship won't make your college experience *less authentic*


Just because you're in a relationship, that doesn't stop you from having fun in college.  You can still meet new people, join societies, go out drinking, etc.  If you're in a good relationship, you'll share some of those experiences with your partner as well.

7) Cheating doesn't have an age-limit

People can cheat at any age, it's not something you're going to magically avoid if you don't date during your twenties.  Much older couples break up for this reason too.

8) Your partner can be a great support system


Relationships are basically friendships with exclusive benefits.  Often, the guy/girl you're dating becomes your best friend.  And since you rely on your best friend for advice, for emotional support, help during exams, etc., your boyfriend/girlfriend can help you in this way too.

9) Consistent sex

Consistent sex is great.  And having sex on a regular basis with someone that you trust leads to a lot more fruitful experimentation than a one night stand ever will.

10) The Olden Days

For anyone who thinks that relationships in your twenties won't last and ergo aren't worth the effort, just remember about a century ago,  a lot of us would already have been married or engaged.  It's great that there are a lot more opportunities for people nowadays but at the same time, your twenties is still a prime period for meeting your long-term partner.  If getting married young can work for these guys in the picture below, then why shouldn't it work for you, if that's what you really want to do?

I'm not saying that everyone should be in a relationship.  What I'm saying is, different things work for different people.  If you find that you want to stay single, that's great, but all the so-called *benefits* of being single that people sometimes tell you exist aren't always worth it if you've met someone that you really like.  So relax, take it day by day, and whatever you're doing, do it because it actually makes YOU happy not because some article on the internet told you it would make you happy.

N.B. Yes, I'm totally aware that it's completely ironic for me to advise you against taking advice from an internet article within the medium of an internet article.

Caroline McEvoy
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As an English Literature graduate from UCD, Caroline is now doing her Masters in Broadcast Literacy in Belfast. A lover of both the Northern Irish and Irish capitals, Caroline spends most of her spare time flitting back and forth between the two, and flâneuring about the shops.
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