10 Signs You've Gotten Way Too Comfortable In Your Relationship

We all know the story: you met someone when you're blackout drunk, have sex and the rest is history. But as time goes by and you're still tolerating each others existence, you begin to get a little bit comfier, a bit more relaxed and you let down those boundaries. The bond in a relationship is one that is difficult to break. You know each other, and aren't afraid to be suuupppeerrr comfortable when spending time together...but guys, if any of these 10 signs sound familiar, you've gotten a bit too comfortable with each other for sure.

1. You've Reached The Point Of No Return - Toilet Sharing.


Okay, so you don't physically share the loo, but you don't mind doing your business in front of each other on it. Ya lil' nasties...


2. When You Have No Emotional Boundaries.



You and your partner have reached that special stage within your relationship when you can open up completely with them. Even if that means ugly crying and puddles of snot... sexy.



3. You Can Stay Over At His House And Not Have To Worry About Whether You've Shaved, Showered Or Even Brushed Your Teeth.




4. You Pluck His Eyebrows And He's Now Trained In The Art Of Fake Tanning Our Backs He Will Return Equally As Gross Favours Too.




5. Breaking Wind Is Kind Of Normal, If Not Slightly Funny.




6. You Help Each Other Diagnose Illness, And Don't Mind Showing Off Your Ailments.


"It's kind of raised and has puss dripping out of it? Maybe you should go to the doctor..."



7. You Act Like A Married Couple.


You're showering and he's by the sink shaving, ultimate power couple #Goals.


8. You Share Most Things, Sometimes A Toothbrush *Shudders*...



9. You Have Definitely Vomited In Front Of One Another. Probably After A Night Out. He's Amazing At Tying Your Hair Back Now Too...


10. You Both Didn't Mind About Germs, 'What's Yours Is Mine' And All That.




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