10 Things Women Find Unattractive About Men

Us girls know there's pages of stuff we could write about on 'what we find unattractive about men', some people have their own pet peeves, like me.. who has to leave the room when my boyfriend eats because I literally want to gauge my eyes out.

There's just some things I'm sure we could all agree, that are a MAJOR turn off! From appearance to personality there are a number of things that would make you run for the hills when you start seeing a guy!

Me and my girlfriends always talk about what's important in a guy, and what we look for in a man, and what do we judge first when we see a guy.. I asked my followers on Facebook what they though and I got answers like, their teeth (basic hygiene) their shoes, dirty runners were a big NO-NO! and for me their hair.. so judgmental aren't we?

Some guys say we have a mental check list when it comes to dating a guy..funny though, coming from the ones who expect, at least an 8/10, big boobs and/or big ass, long perfect hair, a great personality, and of coarse has to love sport and be a great cook.... #snore!

So here's 10 mutual things we hate, which I'm sure you can all relate too!


10. The Hairy ones

No one likes body hair.. unless it's on your head! Don't get me wrong most guys rock the hole stubble look, and some even rock a sturdy beard, but unless its on your face, its quiet disgusting!
The worst type being back hair.. imagine getting passionate with your man and getting your fingers caught in a bush of curly pubes. EWW! or guys with chest hair who think it's manly and try be sexy by showing it off.. PLEASE STOP. It's like a tuff of baby hair trying to escape out of your shirt #notattractive

9. The smoker- drug user

I'm not one to judge people who smoke, whether it's cigarettes or weed, but do it in your own time, not around me. I don't smoke or take drugs, never have, never will.. so I'd appreciate a guy to respect that and not try slop your fag breath all over my mouth.. it's vile! and you can smoke yourself into Alison Wonderland but do it in your own time.. No girl likes sitting in a smoke filled room with people who can barely open their eyes, laughing at Bob Marley's bobble head toy! (bit stereotypical but sure look) never mind the side effects #paranoia!! who's that guy you're looking at?? Mike, my brother. Ps. Spending all your dole money on weed, coke, or tablets is never going to work in a relationship! #justsoyouknow.


8. The one in a relationship with his abs

He's obsessed with himself, and the gym.. all he talks about is working out! Oh hey Mr.Abercrombie and Fitch.. did you buy you top in the children's section so your muscles would try to escape out the sleeves? #weknow
He spends more time in the gym than with you.. and even though you planned to go to the cinema.. he remembered it's leg day.. YOU CAN'T SKIP LEG DAY!!! I wonder do they know we have absolutely zero interest in the number of kg's they lifted.. the only exercise you care about is your squats. #havingbiggertitsthanmeisnotattractive

7.No aspirations in life

So he's left school/college, has no job, and has no intentions of getting one either.. This guy is more than happy to sign on each month, and get paid to drive around in his Passat, creeping 17 year olds. He doesn't have a plan in life, or hasn't set any goals. I can't stand not knowing where things are going, and I like to plan things ahead.. It's a big turn off when you could work your ass off all day and come home to him sitting in front of the Xbox..where you left him 7 hours earlier.. playing Call of Duty in the dark. #inspiring


6. Dirty Runners

Most people I talked to, said this was a major issue. I suppose you can see why, If you looked down and saw A 23-year-old guy in a pair of dirty Air Max Runners, what would you think? Being well dressed is very important, your clothes and your style say a lot about you.. Dirty penneys recession shoes (machine washable) would make you wonder what the rest of their wardrobe consists of, and Adidas trackies with burn holes in the middle just SCREAMS walk away....

5. The show off

No one likes a show off, especially when it's around a group of people.. I absolutely HATE when people act so different around a big gang! I never understood it. If your man paints your toenails and tickles your back.. then around his friends calls you 'my one' or 'da bure' Sorry no.. I have a name. They become loud an obnoxious and are acting like a total douche, #plonker "Who are you and what have you done with my poochybear??!!!"


4. Poor Hygiene

I think on both parts, this is obviously an important one.. personal hygiene is very important, and not just for pullin' birds. It takes two minutes to brush your teeth.. going in for the kill..after successfully pulling a bird, and your breath stinks! HELLO.. major turn off! Not to mention B.O .. If you're in a club and a guy is trying to chat you up, nothing else is going to make you need to, ahhh.. need to dash to the bathroom! like the smell, (OR WORSE) sight.. of B.O .. does lynx cost that much really? because you can use my impulse if you're stuck? #sortitout

3. The Gas Man

No, not the funny one.. the one that's literally 'gas' who spends the majority of his life farting. It's totally gross.. especially when they smell like rotten eggs! They just do it and act like nothing's happened.. until your passed out on the floor with the smell of rotten cabbage! Or belching like a pig when you're eating out for dinner and CLEARLY people are looking.. how embarrassing!! We all know the dreaded fear of being shoved under the covers, trapped within a freshly blown fart!! #inacoma #disgusting !!


2. Irresponsible

No girl will condone a relationship with a guy who's completely irresponsible, It's too much effort! If you spend more time acting like their mother than their girlfriend, it's never going to work. They have no concept of money, and spend most of it on drink and a garlic chip' and cheese after. You'll spend more of your time arguing like an old married couple, about money and cleaning up their mess.. They're like a 17 year old in a 20-something year old body, #foreveryoung? how about PAY YOUR BILLS!!

1. The Beauty Queen

You should NEVER date a guy who takes longer than you to get ready, or one who has more beauty products than you for that matter! He takes 30 minutes in the shower (making life changing decisions and reflecting on life) , then another 15 brushing his teeth with three different toothpastes.. sensitive teeth, actual minty fresh, and then pearly whites.. not to mention another 20 minutes doing his hair, yes some guys DO use straighteners.. and a comb.. and hairspray #thatsminegiveitback

Maybe we might forgive you if the final result was a Zac Efron look alike.. but We'd only be dreaming...

Jennifer Purcell
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