10 Ways To Deal With Unrequited Love

You've spent far too much time on this one dead-end person and it's crushing you because nothing is gonna come from it. Unrequited love is just another shitty aspect of life that everyone's going to encounter. Here's a few ways to help get yourself past it and get on with your life.


1. Just Deal With It.

Yeah, it hurts a lot. There's no disputing that or getting away from it. When you've made your feelings known and they don't feel the same all you can do is accept it and move on. Dwelling on it isn't gonna help anyone.

2. Explore Other Options

It's probably the farthest thing from your mind, but there's billions of people, chances are there's thousands out there that'd be way more suited to you. At the very least it opens a whole other realm of possibility so fuck it, may as well have a look.



3. Take Some Time To Be By Yourself

You don't have to dive headfirst into another relationship immediately. Take some time to be by yourself, no dates, no flirting, just time for you to do whatever the fuck you wanna do. You're free to go travelling or to just sit on your couch in your underpants all day. Seriously it's the best thing in the world.


4. No Grand Gestures

Life is not a romantic film. Chasing them down and declaring your love to them is not going to have the outcome you think it will.


5. Stop Seeing Them

Just cut them out. If you can't deal with them not loving you back then just stop humouring a friendship that isn't possible. If they ask to hang out, you're not available.




6. Keep Yourself Busy

Keeping yourself busy is good for three things. First you're distracted from thinking about them, secondly you'll feel much better being productive than if you were to wallow feeling sorry for yourself, and thirdly if you're doing something you're forced not to go and see them.

7. Tell Them You Aren't Okay With Just Friends

If you don't want to be friends then don't be friends with them. It's gonna be a much more difficult if you have to hang out with them and constantly suppressing your feelings is just gonna get ugly fast.



8. Don't Let Yourself Over Think It

It's easy to forget that you're young. Your life is far from over and not having this one person certainly doesn't mean it's over. All it really is is a shitty patch in your life. Don't give it too much of your time.

9. Stay Off Social Media

You don't want to see your newsfeed filled with pictures of them, or their posts coming up to remind you of them.



10. Be Very Careful When You Drink

Just turn your phone off, go to sleep as soon as you get home. No messages, no calls. Just stay away from all of that and above all make sure the people you're with are not gonna bring it up. They probably don't give a shit anyway but just don't even bring them up.


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