The Tell Tale Signs That Your Relationship With 'Mr. Perfect' Is Turning Toxic.

Don't get me wrong, having a boyfriend can be a great experience, but sometimesĀ  your relationship can turn unhealthy over time and so subtly that you hardly notice. Here are some tell tale signs that your relationship with your 'Mr. Perfect' boyfriend is toxic.

1) He's Controlling.

He doesn't want you seeing your friends or going out and when you have any free time he expects you to spend it with him...

2) He texts/calls you, non-stop.

He contacts you morning, noon and night, even if you tell him that you're in class, going to sleep, going out... stop being so needy!

3) He's suspicious of you.

As Saint Elvis once said, "We can't go on together, with suspicious minds." He wants to know what you're up to at every waking moment. "Did you say there will be guys at that party you're going to tonight?"


4) He doesn't like your friends.

He takes any opportunity he gets to subtly insult your friends, leaving you seething. "Your friends are so immature", "Oh my god they're sooo childish, how do you put up with that?", "I'm so glad that they're your friends and not mine!"

5) His friends are dicks.

They don't make you feel welcome at all and crack jokes at your expense while your other half claims that it'sĀ just banter.

6) Your friends don't like him.

So, once upon a time your mates thought your new beau was the bees knees, but recently they aren't so keen... One thing about gal pals is they'll always try to word it nicely so they don't upset you or hurt your feelings... Girls, try being less subtle; If you and your friend fall out over it, it's only temporary. She will thank you later and together you will be co-founders of the "All Men Are Dicks" club, hosting regular drink-too-much nights with lots of bitching and a suitable amount of hysterical crying.


7) Your parents don't like him.

After all, you mother knows best and if you get the impression that your parents don't like your boyfriend, you'll probably go off him eventually too. Hard to believe, I know, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

8) He's jealous.

He's never happy for you, whether you've just landed your dream job interview or you've joined a new club or society at college, he always assumes you have an ulterior motive. "You're joining the drama club to make new friends? What do you need new friends for?"

9) He never wants to try anything new.

He is the definition of a hermit. Your weekends consist of doing the shit that he wants to do, firmly inside of his comfort zone, like drinking with his friends or sitting in watching box sets of TV shows that you absolutely hate while mindlessly shovelling spoonfuls of Ben & Jerry's into your mouth. "I wonder is he trying to make me fat so that I can't run away..."

10) He blows hot and cold.

One minute he's overly affectionate, smothering you with compliments and telling you how much he loves you, then the next he's sulking, leaving you wondering what you did wrong.

11) He's emotionally blackmailing.

"I don't know what I'd ever do if we broke up..." This isn't something he says while gazing into your eyes and smiling at you, it's more a serious and vaguely threatening statement. You're his girlfriend, not his counselor. Run, now, and never look back!

Sandra Carty
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Currently bumming it, fresh outta college, slowly and reluctantly becoming an adult while trying to decide what to do with the rest of my life. I like drinking and interpretive dance, preferably in that order.
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