13 Reasons Why You Should Never Marry Your Teenage Love

As a teenager, you're not fully mature, both emotionally and physically. Marrying your "high school sweetheart" sounds sweet at first, but there is an awful lot of downsides to it too.

Here are the 13 reasons why you should never marry your teenage love.

13) Think of all the stupid choices you made as a teenager.

I mean seriously, think about it. When you were a teenager you probably ate chewing gum off the lid of a bin, did some streaking in public and cried when your favourite cartoon show was cancelled. What makes you think that you're mature enough to commit to a relationship at that age? You're not.

12) How mature can you be really?

The answer: Very little. Most people's bodies don't fully mature until after their teenage years, and some minds take even longer than that. Trust me.


11) You haven't explored or dated nearly enough.

You only ever know what it is like to date one person. You have no idea what any other relationship is like, and have nothing to compare yours too.

10) Things you said as a dumb 17-year-old are still brought up in conversations.

Stupid stuff that you said as a teenager (and there is a lot) are forever remembered by your partner and thrown in your face during arguments.


9) Your single years are the best in your life.

Fact. Your single years are the most enjoyable and fun of your life and you never gave yourself that period of time to explore and live wistfully with no ties to anybody else.

8) Your old friends will always refer to you two as one person.

Like it or not, your name will always have an "AND" before or after it. You can never get away from it.


7) You've only ever had sex with just one person.

You have NO idea what it's like out there. Sex is different with every single person. You've only ever had sex with this one person and don't know what it's like to share that experience with somebody else. Even though it has definitely crossed your mind on numerous occasions.

6) There's nothing you don't know about each other.

There is literally nothing that you don't know about your partner. You were with each other from an early age and watched one another grow up. All the stories you have are re-told hundreds of times and there is no mystery to your relationship.


5) You have nothing to add when your friends are talking about dating horror stories.

And if you do, you'll get shot a stern, angry look from your partner. Gulp! Never mention that one again, no matter how desperate you are to fit in with your friends.

4) You totally miss out on "living alone."

You skipped that phase where you experience the joy of moving out of your parent's house and living alone for a while. Instead you're stuck with your partner...


3) If you break up after years, you will have no idea how to go about dating again.

It's like a tamed lion being tossed out of the zoo and forced to fend for itself out in the wild. You never fully experienced dating when you were younger as you locked up the first real relationship you ever had. You probably met in school at the back of English class, but things are totally different now. You have no idea how to go about meeting someone.

2) People who hear that you are teenage loves say "Awwww, how sweet!"

This is awful. So if you need another good reason. Imagine having to hear this every single time you tell someone about how you met. It must be mind-numbingly irritating.

1) You haven't experienced what life is like without them.

There's so much you missed out on and never got the chance to explore. Some of the best moments of your life are lived when you have no ties or responsibilities to anyone. Focus on yourself and your career when you are young, travel the world and discover new interests, then you are ready to commit to someone full-time.

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