15 Dating Mistakes That People Are Still Making

Dating in the modern age has changed with the introduction of Tinder and numerous dating websites. When it comes to meeting them in person there are still a few things that haven't changed. It could be that we expect too much and then when our hopes are dashed we wonder why. The main thing is to enjoy yourself and if things go well then good, but if they don't, you just move on to the next one. Here are the dating mistakes that people are still making.

15) Being too quick to judge

So you finally meet them and they're not prince charming, they may not look the same as their Tinder picture either. Don't judge a book by it's cover and actually give them a chance. If you're already close minded before you even talk to them, you will be in a negative state of mind. Get to know them a little bit before you make sweeping assumptions about who they are.

14) Forcing the conversation

Of course you want to get to know each other, but don't make it awkward by forcing the conversation. Awkward silences are natural when you don't know someone that well, it even happens when you do. Let the conversation go where it's meant to go and don't try so hard to fill the gaps.


13) Getting over attached

On the opposite end of the spectrum of being too quick to judge is getting over attached.  You might be attracted to them or like their personality, but get to know a bit more before falling head over heels. See where they are at and what they think of you before committing to them.

12) Only focusing on yourself

Even though they might ask you about yourself, the conversation shouldn't always revolve around you. Ask them about themselves and what their interests are and you never know you might have some things in common.


11) Building a Wall

I'm not saying you should reveal every little detail about your life to them, but if your closed off and guarded people will be less receptive. Tell them what you do and don't like and you never know they could be similar to you. If you're always afraid of letting your guard down it will be hard for both of you to get to know each other.

10) Having high expectations

This is one of the more common complaints about modern dating, everyone has such high expectations. It's important to understand exactly what is meant by this and that it doesn't mean lower your standards. It's all to do with you and how you  percieve others. Stop looking for the perfect match, and rather look for an acquaintance and go from there.


9) Comparing them to your ex

No one and I mean no one wants to hear about your ex when you're dating someone. It's in the past, you have moved on and it's time to meet someone new. They will think that you still have feelings for them, it can make things really awkward for the other person. Steer clear of the topic and things should be plain sailing.

8) Coming off as desperate

Ok, so maybe you haven't been on a date in a while, you might have fallen out with the idea. If you get back on the horse again try not to come off as desperate. People can smell desperation and it will be quite obvious if you really want to be in a relationship.


7) Leaving nothing to the imagination

We have Facebook nowadays, so we can check on people to see what there like. It's ok to check in and see what kind of person they are, but leave something for the imagination. Don't obsess over every status and tweet as if it's showing what kind of person they are. Once you have done your snooping leave the rest for you to find out for yourself.

6) Hearing only what you want to hear

You might not always be interested in what they are talking about, but take the time and listen, you never know, you might learn something. People are under the illusion that if you don't exactly like the same things then you're not right for each other. They can teach you new things and you might learn to like something you never thought you would.


5) Assuming that they don't want a relationship

This is more for girls and how they think that every guy just wants to get into bed with you. Granted, there are some guys that do, but there are some guys that like you and want to get to know someone and possibly strike up a relationship with them. There is a difference between meeting someone on a night out and going on a date with them.

4) Judging them based on your past relationships

It is only human that we compare and contrast people and see if they are similar or not. But if you're constantly comparing someone to your previous relationships your not giving them a chance. We try to pigeon hole someone, but more than likely they are actually completely different to how you thought.


3) Over analyzing calls and texts

So things went well and you exchanged numbers with each other, this is either when things start to get serious or they fizzle out. Don't over analyse every little thing they do to you, odds are they actually mean it and there is no secret code that you have to try and decipher.

2) Leaving your friends by the way side

No matter how long you have been in a relationship, it is important to have time to hang out with your friends. Don't spend every waking moment with your love interest and then you end up breaking up a month later. Try and find a balance between the two and you won't feel like anything is missing from your life.

1) Dismissing them if they don't tick all the right boxes

So they may not be your ideal match and not your "type" but sometimes opposites attract. It's often the person that you weren't looking for that takes you by surprise. You can't boil someone down to a certain characteristic, we're complicated beings that can't be easily labelled.


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