16 Animals That Haven't A Clue What's Going On

If none of these gifs give you at least a half smile then you're dead inside! These animals have no idea what the hell is going on and it's hilarious.

Obviously the sound of the spoon against the cup is highly confusing for this poor demented bird.

Charrrrge! Holy fuck, let's never do that again.

I just love the two little dogs, sitting there, knowing what's about to happen


Play dead, play dead!

Look at the way he psychs himself up for the launch

He just completely freaks himself out here


Yes! Chasing! Let's go! Ah fuck...

This dog needs to stop smoking weed and sort his life out

God damn peripheral vision


The enthusiasm is just too much

Who the fuck gave this horse a yoga ball

If you look closely, you can actually see this penguin cursing in his head after he slips


Too much excitement, poor pug never had a chance

That is one ballsy cat

Smooth surfaces and fluffy cats

I really don't know what his plan was

Sally Kingston
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