16 Signs That You're In A Bromance

A Bromance is a relationship that often takes years to develop, and not necessarily something that you realise you are involved in, given the fact that there is no 'relationship talk' that takes place in conventional romantic relationships. So if you're not sure whether or not you're in a bromance, here are some of the signs you should look out for.


You Abuse Each Other Constantly

But you are the person to jump to the other guy's defence if he is getting abused by someone else. Unless you're friends with the other person as well, in which case you will try your best to make the abuse as bad as possible.


You Know The Other Guy's Phone Number Off By Heart


And he's usually the first guy you'd think of if you were stranded after a night out with a dead battery in your phone, so it's more out of necessity that you know it.


People Ask You Where The Other Guy Is When You Don't Arrive Together At Parties

This typically happens couples you have been in a relationship for years and go everywhere together. Which, if you think about it, is exactly what you two are. You feel slightly abandoned when the other guy's not there.



You Both Know Each Other's Plans All Of The Time

So even if you don't arrive together to the party, you can always explain where the other guy is. Not that it's ever really that complicated.


You Have A Dance Routine


Obviously it's not a big 4-minute Broadway number, but it's something you two like to whip out now and again and show everyone else up on the dance floor.


You've Shared A Bed

This kind of seals the deal in terms of a bromance.



You Have Too Many Private Jokes Together

They aren't even that funny, and might even just be a series of noises and grunts that make no sense whatsoever to anyone else.


You Talk About The Attractiveness Of Every Woman In Both Of Your Lives Constantly


It is a very scientific process, taking a number of factors into account and eventually rating all of them against some sort of scale.


But You Talk About Serious Stuff As Well

Most conversations between guys are about three topics; sport, women, and tv. This is also true of two guys in a bromance, but you've also talked about some of the more serious stuff in life for it not to be weird. This doesn't stop you both then launching into acompetition of who can produce the smelliest fart straight after one of these deeper conversations, however.



Both Of You Have, At One Stage, Looked After The Other One On A Night Out

This isn't usually as delicate a process as if it were a girl and a guy, and usually involves a lot more jokes at the messy guy's expense. But the sober guy does make sure he doesn't die, and at least tries to make sure he won't get sick in the taxi home, although there is no guarantee of this.


You've Worn Each Others Clothes


Maybe you needed a pair of shorts for football, or a clean shirt for a night out, or a clean shirt after a night out, because you stayed in the other guy's house after getting sick all over yourself.


You Go On Man-Dates Together All The Time

Shopping. Going out for dinner. Going to see a film. Going out for a few beers. You might call them something more manly, but that's exactly what they are. Man-dates.



You've Injured The Other Guy At Least Once

Something that seemed like such a great idea at the time almost always results in the injury of one, or both, of the guys.


You Each Know The Other Guy's Favourite Beer


Almost as important a piece of information as knowing what football team he supports, if not more.


You Keep Score Of How Many FIFA Games You Win Against Each Other

It is not unusual for this to go into the hundreds, and games between the two of you are more competitive than any other.


You've Expressed Your Love To Each Other On More Than One Occasion

And meant it.


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