17 Monumental Moments That Happen In Every Relationship

At some point in a new relationship, it becomes necessary to remove the carefully crafted veil of attractiveness you’ve created and slowly reveal yourself to be the grimy-ass troll you really are. (And ideally, after you’ve done this, the other person should still be around.)

The following are 17 milestones you will go through with your new bf or gf that will make you closer and/or plant seeds of resentment that will never, ever stop growing until your relationship just crashes and burns in a fiery blaze.

1. Being Sick In Front Of Them

2. Seeing Them Naked In A Non Sexual Scenario

3. Meeting Their Friends

4. Having Them Meet Your Friends 


5. Showering Together

6. Having Them Over To Your Place 

7. Being Blackout Drunk In Front Of Them

8. The No Make-Up Look


9. Cooking Together 

10. Dancing Together 

11. Farting In Front Of Them

12. Pooing At Their House For The First Time 

13. Getting In A Fight

14. Crying In Front Of Them

15. Going On Holiday Together

16. Introducing Them to Your Family

17. Telling Them How You Really Feel

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