18 Things Every Girl Wants To Say To Her Boyfriend While On Her Period

Men know very little about periods. This is a fact. However, this doesn't mean that we don't spend our entire time of the month NEEDING to tell them all about it...

1. I'M SO HORNY. Is it gross to have sex? Some people do it. SORRY, sorry, it's the horniness talking.


2. Could you just turn into a chocolate person, please? That's the only thing that'll make me want to go down on you this week.

3. Oh, by the way, why did you like that girl's photo 17 days ago on Instagram? Seriously?



4. We can bleed for five days without dying. Yep. What can you do?

5. Do me one favour? Stock the fridge... and walk away.


6. We're gonna have periods for the majority of our lives. You need to get over tampons. They are a part of our existence.


7. Yep. I'm wearing granny pants. Deal with it.


8. Why haven't you run me a bath with candles and rose petals like I see on Pinterest? WHY CAN'T YOU READ MY MIND?

9. Christ. Don't go down there... seriously, don't do it.



10. I know I look fat. I'm bloated. NOW GO AND FETCH ME CHOCOLATE!

11. Why are we watching babies on TV? I HATE BABIES RIGHT NOW.


12. Oh my God babies are sooooo cuuuuute! *sobs*


13. You will rub my belly. Don't expect anything in return, but I need affection, and I need it now.


14. Why are you stopping? No, you don't get to do anything you require this week. BELLY. NOW.

15. Periods are hella expensive. You're buying.



16. Anything I do this week is NOT my fault and I shall not feel the repercussions. Understand?

17. Why did you look at the girl who was giving you your chicken at Nandos?Are you in love with her?!


18. It 100% feels like a very fat man is sat on my uterus. WHY ISN'T THIS HAPPENING TO YOU?!

Via Pretty52.com

Isabelle Riggins
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