20 Things You Need To Stop Taking For Granted In A Relationship

No matter how comfortable you are around one another, it's nice to feel appreciated once in a while. And I don't mean extravagant gifts - a simple 'thank you' is often all that is needed.

1. You Have Someone To Vent To When Your Family Becomes Just Too Much.

2. Having Inside Jokes That No One Else Understands.

3. Sharing Moments Where You Both Felt Like You Couldn't Stand Anyone Else But Each Other For The Moment.

 4. Watching "Your" TV Shows Together.

5. Getting Crazy Drunk Just The Two Of You And Having The BEST Sex Ever!

 6. When You Don't Even Have To Ask For A Cup Of Tea.


7. Mutually Disliking Certain People.

 8. Making Eye Contact At The Same Time And Smiling About It.

9. Nights Out Separately. (Sometimes You Need A Little Distance.)

10. You Can Be Your Real Self With Him/Her.



11. Making Time For Each Other, Doing Things You Both Wanna Do.

 12. Supporting And Complimenting Each Other.

13. Never Letting That *Spark* Fade Is A Crucial One.


14. But Also The Fact They Love You With No Make Up On Whilst Wearing An Old T-shirt

15. A Simple 'You Look Beautiful Today' Is A Clear Winner Too.

16. When They Stand Up For Us....Even Though We May Be Wrong In Some Situations.

17. Spooning - A Dead Arm Should Never Be Taken For Granted.

18. That Cute Little Butterfly Feeling You Get When You See Them. - Especially When You've Been Together A Long Time.


19. Saying/Hearing "I Love You."

20. And Most Importantly, Not Taking For Granted Them Always Being There For You.


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Credit: Kathryn Ann


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