21 Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship

21. Get Out Of 'The Routine'

It's understandable how couples can get into a sexual routine with one another. It's the formula which is almost always guaranteed to do it for both of you. This can get boring after sometime so why not try something different? Like dress up sexy, or surfboard up on that in that bath, get your imagination flowing and you're to both discover new ways to enjoy being intimate together.

20. Take A Trip Somewhere... Different

Yes Paris may be the most romantic city in the world, sun holidays are always enjoyable and yes Ryanair offer cheap flights to London, but why not go to a location out of the ordinary? If you're thinking about going on a trip why not try Brussels or Edinburgh? That way you'll both be surprised when you get there and make the experience all the more bountiful.

19. Write A Little Love Letter


And don't tell them you're going to write it. Nothing makes you feel fuzzier than reading words of admiration from your other half. Even if you're the one writing it, it's a great way to get in touch with your feelings and realise how much you actually appreciate them.

18. Let Him Dress Up As Batman

Or you as Catwoman. Roleplay doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend a few hours getting into character, it's just a bit of fun. Everyone has a fantasy, so why not fulfil each others. You'll find dressing up can lead onto incredible sex.

17. 'Date' Each Other Again


Going on date nights is a great way to re-light that fire. It's important to hang out and do couple stuff, because at the end of the day that's what you are. There's a reason why couples go to the cinema, eat eddie rockets and go to farmers markets; it's because those things provide time for you both to be secluded in the open world.

16. Actually Listen To Each Other's Day

We're all guilty of pretending to listen to our other halves talk about their day. You don't know or particularly care who Emma is or why she's a bitch but still you nod and pretend you do. If you want to be closer to your loved one then actually tune in and you'll find the rewards are fantastic. She'll trust you more if you listen to her.

15. Take A Trip To The Store *wink* *wink*


Sex shops are great craic even if you're too scared to actually make a purchase. But it's good to have look around the store and find anything that may tickle your fancy.

14. Go Out On A Night Out Alone

Remember when you were dating and you would just go out and get pissed together? Well start doing it again. There's nothing wrong about getting giddy with one another, it definitely makes the sex more adventurous.

13. Tease The Hell Out Each Other


Nothing will make each other more than holding out sex for an extra 10 minutes. This is what turns the ride into actual love making, which is a lot more fulfilling. So when it does get to the point of em, becoming one, it will be all worth while and be all the more intense.

12. Do A Little Dance

Another great way turning your other half on is by showing off what's on offer. Lads can definitely do this too! If you kind've of timid, just think that this person already thinks you're hot enough to have sex. It doesn't have to be a strip dance though, just some cheeking grinding will get their gears going.

11. Make A Bedroom Rule


Have your dirty little secret between the two of you by creating a sneaky sexy bedroom rule; why not make Tuesday's tie-up day, or make a rule that the first one to, em, get to the finish line, can't get dressed for the next hour. Get creative.

10. Make Sure You Have A Life Outside The Relationship

Time apart makes the heart grow fonder, even if it's only a a day or two it's important to spend time apart. In this way when you do see each other it'll be a treat, you'll always have more to talk about and you'll be craving each other more.

9. Do It Somewhere... Risque


Not in the middle of the M50 or on the luas tracks, but if you're walking in the park why not just sneak your way into a bush. This way you'll get your bit with some extra excitement and connect with nature.

8. Read '50 Shades Of Grey' Or Any Erotic Novel

Despite it's god awful phrases (when Christian grabs her underwear, sniffs it and says "Oh you smell so delicious"*, wtf is that about?), 50 Shades of Grey has some seriously hot scenes that gets anyone going. What's not to get you going? Hot girl, hot billionaire guy and some freaky shit. Take some inspiration.

*Or something along the lines of that.


7. Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Go to the places you first went to when you started dating. Going to the spot where you met brings back great memories and you'll both feel all warm and fuzzy. In turn you'll both be reminded of how far you have come together and realize how much you want to stay together. Awh.

6. Surprise Each Other

Say what you will about Barney Stinson, but the naked man move does actually work. Let's look at a scenario: okay so your loved one is due to pop over to your place tonight (netflix and pizza in mind) and you decided that you'll answer door in your dressing gown and wearing shit all underneath. When they arrive BAM! Time to get freaky on the floor, and against wall...


5. Slow It Down

We all love to orgasm, obviously. But you should take the time to get all intimate and touchy feely in the sack. Take the time really feel each other. Put it this way, if you put time and investment in building a great firework show, the show will be phenomenal. So slow it down. It will feel amazing.

4. Allow Yourself To Have Fun

Life is busy business. It's hard to not let the bad things happening during the day interrupt your personal life. So when you get to hang with your partner, you can be in a pretty bad mood. If you allow yourself to smile and be happy you actually can change your mood around. In no time you'll find the both of you having a great time.


3. Sexting

Nothing says I miss your body more than a sneaky sexy text during the day. This is a great way to spice things up as you'll find yourself all hot and bothered all of a sudden, tripping all over the place and doing anything to make the day go faster just so you can get to them.

2. Shower Sex

Shower sex is much trickier than shown in the movies. It's slippy, it's hot/cold literally, the shower is never big enough and the poor lad is knackered holding you up for so long. Well my personal advice is to put the plug when things get started so if you get tired of standing there's a bath full of hot water for you two keep on grinding.

1. Talk Dirty

This may just be for some folk, but talking dirty is a great way to rallying each other up. Tell them what you'd love to do them and explain how much turns on. But be specific, compliment there legs, or em, other intimate parts.

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