5 Ways to Have More Sex Right Now

So let’s face it, we’d all love to be having way more sex. I am here today to tell you that you can, and it can start from right.....now. Having sex isn’t rocket science. In fact woman and men have to same urges that need fulfilling. It will take confidence and you’ll need to be proactive but it will be worth it. Here a 5 ways to have more sex right now.

Get off the couch and leave your house.

The fact that you’re even reading this is a bad start. If waking up at 3pm, eating monster munch and not believing in personal hygiene sound all too familiar; then my friend, keep reading for it is time for me to help change your life. Believe it or not girls aren’t actually attracted to couch potatoes. So if you’re sitting on the couch in 6 year old Canterbury tracksuits smoking a fat Jimmy, it’s highly unlikely that there’s a ten on the way over to sit on your face. Get up and leave the house bro!

Join a club/society/group.

I know what you’re all thinking; societies are lame, clubs are stupid and groups are shit. Well my friend, I can assure you they’re not. I can also assure you that if you heed my advice, you might actually have fun and meet some lovely young ladies. Shared interests are the tinder you need to ignite the flame of passionate lust. If a girl likes something you like you’ll be balls-deep before sunset.

Talk to girls when you’re sober.

You can’t pull when you’re sober, so what in the name of god makes you think you can do it drunk? Apart from the obvious retort that the girl will more than likely be drunk too, you should learn to talk to girls sober. Be nice, polite, respectful and funny. For the love of god you should be funny.


Pack in social media.

Gone are the days when it was cool to poke, add and chat to random girls on Facebook. I’m guilty of it too. But, if this is your main source of communication while trying to pull, you’re in a bad place my furry little friend. Try Tinder, and be prepared to drop you standards significantly if you actually want to get the ride out of it.

Be patient.

Both boys and girls are instantly turned off by eagerness. The expression the chase is better than the catch didn’t come from nowhere you know. Be patient, keep your evil intentions to yourself for as long as possible. The last thing you want is for them to think you’re a pervert.

Hope this helps! Be positive too!

Peace x

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Rudolph Brotherton
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Rudolph is an under-achieving, morally defunct, self-professed ladies man. His hobbies include sex, pugs and rock ‘n’ roll. He makes Johnny Bravo look like Postman Pat. He is the real deal. The original Heartbreak Kid. Looking to improve your game with the ladies? Listen very carefully...
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