5 Ways To Handle A Long-Term Relationship On A J1

So you're boo is going on a J1? The cheek. He/she is off for 3 months with the guys/gals and you're stuck at home, working in that shitty part time job you've had since you were 16? Fear not. I have been there and I have some advice for your lonely hearts!

1. Stay Distracted

Don't be on Facebook every 5 seconds just to double check their not with some bay watch babe on the beach, it's not good for you. I know it's much easier said than done but like I said, I've been there and it's fucking shit BUT the more I checked up on what he was at, the more paranoid I became and I found myself lashing out on my friends and family because I didn't want to lash out on him, he was the other side of the world, what if we fell out and he got really drunk and decided to go out and hook up with someone? How would I find out? Bro code and all that ...  Paranoia is honestly, a killer. SO stay distracted, be it a date night with the gals or staying in work late, do whatever will keep you from checking your social media for a few hours.



2. Don't Ask Too Many Questions


This falls into my first point, don't be annoying him/her. I get that you wanna know every single detail about his/her day in the blistering Californian sun BUT don't go asking him/her silly questions like 'whose that girl on the far left of that picture? Looks like she's looking right at you, you guna fuck her or what?' No. Chill out. What about all the photo's you're going to be snapped in over the next 3 months? You're bound to be in at least one picture with some strange man. JUST DON'T BE THAT GIRL/GUY you have to be considerate, he/she is on a J1. The summer of dreams, America, 3 months, with your best mates. The odds of them ever getting that again are very slim. Just let your boo enjoy themselves, have faith that he/she loves you more than anything and wouldn't even DREAM of being with anyone else, they just wanna be with the guys/gals and enjoy themselves.



3. Don't Expect to Talk Everyday

For some of you this may freak the shit out of you or you might be thinking, 'lol good one Lauren, of course we're guna talk every single day?' No hun. Once their gone, their gone for a good few days, getting their bearings and all that stuff. Don't be upset if it takes him/her 3 days to reply to that 'safe flight!' text you sent him. Once they settle down you should have no problem being in regular contact but remember, be considerate. It;s the summer of dreams! (promise I'm not trying to make you jealous, I'm just being honest)


4. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Don't get so annoyed over the small things. Things that you argue about when he/she's at home shouldn't even be relevant while you're at home and he/she's in America!! Honestly, if something is bothering you that much be it the way he was eating that bag of Dorito's over Skype or the fact that you couldn't wait to send that text, so you sent it while on the phone to him/her, it's just not worth the hassle. Remember you're thousands of miles from one another and I get that you miss the SHIT out of each other but don't lash out, remain calm and just enjoy each other's company, remember he/she has chosen to Skype with you when they could be on the beach sunning themselves, appreciate it.


5. Plan What You're Going to do Together When Their Home

This honestly is what got me through the last month. Planning what you're both going to do when he/she comes home and getting so excited about it that you can't even explain it to other people. Be it a little trip down the country for the weekend or binge watching GoT until your eyes fall out, it's something that you're both looking forward too. Not to mention all the riding that's about to go down, holy shit. I promise you it's worth the wait ...



So there you have it, some advice for those that will be left alone for 3 months. If it helps, 3 months is only 12 weeks. That's only 12 Saturdays to get through! Wooo!


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