7 Signs That A Guy Is Awful In Bed

All a man really wants is to be good in bed, and please his woman. But not all are!

Every man wants to exhibit that confidence and experience in the bedroom. Were you ever unsure of whether or not you are good in bed? Are you too shy to ask?

No need to ask - here are the 7 top signs that you're awful in bed!

7. If the girl asks if you're nearly done.

Everything is going well (or so you think). You've managed to make it past the 15 minute mark and you're feeling confident. She looks up at you and quietly asks: "Are you done yet?" Earth-shattering. Your whole world has just been rocked!

6. If you finish too early.


You don't need us to tell you that you're awful at sex if you've finished just as things were getting started! Try not to let the space shuttle blow up all over the launch pad! Don't worry, there are solutions to this problem - maybe polish the gun beforehand to help next time?

5. If there is deathly silence in the room while you're having sex.

A sure sign that you're terrible in the bedroom! All you can hear is the quiet creaking of the bedroom and a cricket outside your window. Yikes!

4. If she shudders when you touch her.


The girl trembles when you touch her or simply slaps your hand away. You're either terribly ugly, she doesn't like you or you're just terrible at sex.

3. You can't maintain your erection.

You are in the middle of sex and suddenly it feels like you're trying to play pool with rope! She won't feel anything, and it's just terribly awkward for the two of you!

2. If she can't bear to look at you.

If the girl closes her eyes or turns to look away from you. If she can't bring herself to make eye contact and won't look in your direction, it's an obvious sign that she is DYING for this painful experience to be over with!

1. The girl overcompensates for you.

Sometimes, a nice girl will feel bad for your sexual impotence and will overcompensate in the bedroom by making extra-loud moans and groans in the bedroom. You should know if they're EXTRA-loud...

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