7 Thoughts Every Night Owl Has

Everyone has that night owl friend that seems to post something or just generally be active in the small hours of the morning. When you're around them you often find yourself saying things like "It's three in the morning why are you linking me these things on Reddit?" or "Don't ever wake me up again at 4AM just to tell me about this show you've just found." But for these people this is normal to them and the night is their domain.

1. Sleep Is For The Weak

The people around you are talking about how tired they are while getting themselves ready for bed and you just stare at them for a moment and think about how weak they are for giving in to the urge to sleep.

2. Isn't It Past Your Bedtime?

The anxiety you get when other people actually stay up later than normal. You wonder how long this will last. This is your time, not theirs. You've waited all day for this time.

3. Your Moment Of Glory


Enjoying the silence before you throw on Netflix and vegetate for a couple hours.

4. The Hunger

You're nearly in the fuckin' zone now. Three episodes in, ya got your shoes off, your ass is perfectly dented into the couch...but now you need food to fully enter the zone. Everyone is asleep so you can't put your amazing culinary skills to use right now.

5. The Silent Search


You check the kitchen for 'quiet foods', food you can make without any loud appliances. Cereal is always a good choice and probably better for you than those noodles I know you have.

6. The Final Stretch

It's gotten pretty late even by your standards and now you wonder when you should call it a night but you still feel pretty lively despite only having moved to get food in the last few hours. Maybe finish another episode then bed. Oh yeah you have to check Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and maybe your emails...

7. It Can't Be That Late?

Wait when did it get so bright outside? God I hate the sun...What's that noise? It's those fucking birds again!



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