8 Personality Traits In A Guy That Mean You Should Marry Him

There's a huge difference between your best summer hookup and the man you want to marry someday. The latter won't ever refer to you as, "Dude." But seriously, once you are done with fuckboys and decide you're ready to look for The One, there are certain traits you've got to start scouting out to make sure you both can handle being together for the rest for your life.

1. He Will Do The Dishes Without Being Asked

You don't want a guy who thinks all the cooking and cleaning should be women's work. You've got a job too! He can make some pasta every once and a while and clean up afterward! If he already does this while you're dating, you can take that as a good sign...just encourage it to continue.

2. He Regularly Shows He's Committed And Sees A Future With You

Does he talk about your future together or does he hedge when you mention something months or years away? If he's scared of commitment and you're ready to seal the deal, chances are this one isn't gonna work.

3. He's Attentive To What You Want During Sex


This. Will. Be. The. Last. Man. You. Have. Sex. With. For. The. Rest. Of. Your. Life. Let that just sink in for a minute.

4. He's Good To His Mother

Yesss so this is always the number one. How does he treat his mother? Do you want him teaching your kids to treat you that way? You better see some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

5. He's Good At Fighting With You


Umm...what? Go with me here. No matter who you date or marry, you're gonna fight sometimes, so you want someone who's reasonable in fights. You want him to be able to present his side clearly and also listen to yours. You want to make sure he doesn't put his fist through a wall when he's angry. If you haven't had your first fight yet, you have no clue whether this guy is marriage material. Wait and see.

6. He Has Goals For Himself

So he has a pretty cool motorcycle and he likes working on it during the day...and maybe he'll get a job when he's finished? No, no, no. You need someone with ambition who has goals and has taken steps to meet them. You want someone you'll admire because he's in control of his life. And preferably you don't want the honeymoon to be in his parent's basement.

7. He Passed The Test With Your Best Friend And Your Mom

When you're blinded by LOVE, you're going to miss cues that your best friend and your mom will be all too well attuned to. Their opinions might be annoying, but unfortunately, they're probably right about any and everything about him. Sure it's fun to date the bad boy your parents hate, but you don't want to marry him and be bringing him home for Christmas for the rest of your life.


8. He's Encouraging Even When Your Ideas Are Bound To Fail

As you get older, you're gonna have that midlife crisis, and probably a mid-midlife crisis (seriously, that's such a thing). You probably won't want to hear that you're batshit crazy and that your spur-of-the-moment dreams are stupid. Find someone who will encourage you, no matter how silly or far-fetched your dreams are. Even if the dream doesn't happen, chasing after it may be something you have to do.


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