8 Reasons You Should Give The Quiet Guy A Chance

Sure we've all got some sort of a type - red heads, guys with beards, hipster guys who are super skinny and do yoga and eat gluten-free shit - but that doesn't mean branching out would hurt. Branching out is actually probably the best way to go about meeting somebody because you might realize your "type" isn't actually what you want. I'm going to make a case for going for the quiet guy. You may have to be the one to ask him out, which can be scary, but it'll be so, so worth it.

1. Sometimes The Wallflowers Are The Most Interesting

Have you ever heard that sometimes the quietest people have the loudest minds? Since he doesn't shout his interests and life story to the world, you'll have to take your time to figure him out.

2. He's Probably A Really Good Listener

With all those other guys, did you ever have a long day at work or a long day of classes and you just wanted to vent but he wanted to play video games or work on his bike or just talk about himself? The quiet ones will listen sympathetically while stroking your hair or rubbing your shoulders.


3. Your Relationship Will Be Really Intimate And Meaningful

Since he's reserved, he probably keeps his thoughts and feelings mostly if not entirely to himself, so once he shares them with you, you'll be the only one he's that close to. There's something really romantic about being the only one who knows his heart and his needs.


4. You're Not Going To Want To Bring The Frat Guy Home To Meet Mom And Dad

Sure he's reallyyyy great at keg stands, but that's not going to win over mumsy now is it? Your parents are MUCH more likely to think the quiet one is so sweet and so adorable and so good for you.

5. You Won't Be As Anxious About Them Flirting With Other Girls

When they go out to bars, you won't have to freak out that they're flirting with everything in a skirt and then panic about how to find out what he did last night without being the loser clingy girlfriend. The quiet one will be more trustworthy and more honest with you.


6. You Won't Always Have To Talk When You're Together

There's something so nice about being in each other's presence and not having to talk. You can read a book or scroll through you feed and he can watch his show and you can both just...be.

7. He's Probably Looking For Something More Serious Than A Fling

Maybe the reason he's waited so long to talk to you is because he didn't want to give the impression he was just looking for some casual sex in college. He's been waiting in the background looking for the right one.

 8. And Really...Why Not?


If you're single, why not give him a chance? The worst that could happen is that you get a free dinner and then don't see him again! Go on! Ask him out!

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