9 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is A Creep

Everybody's had that one creepy or psycho ex! You either put up with them for so long and then call it a day or you only realise how crazy they are after you've spent a certain amount of time together. Ladies, there's a few warning signs you should look out for in a boyfriend! Here's the 7 signs that your boyfriend is a creep.

9. He checks your texts when you're not looking.

You go to the bathroom during a movie, and come back to find him reading all of your text messages. You blatantly catch him in the act and he'll probably deny it to the ground. Then he's a creep.

8. He always has to know WHERE you are and WHO you're with.

"I'm with my friends ... WHAT friends?!?" He hounds your phone non-stop to find out where you are and who you're with. He freaks out on you if you don't tell him . He'll expect you to list every single person that you're with, where EXACTLY you are, how long you've been there and what time you'll be home. We ALL know at least one girl with this possessive boyfriend.


7. He tags along on all your girls nights out.

He doesn't like you being out on your own "unsupervised" with your friends. He'll tag along on all your girls' nights out even when he's the only guy going. He's the type of boyfriend who will freak out if you go to the bathroom for five minutes without telling him. Creepy boyfriend knows no shame!

6. He shows up at your work to check up on you.

He'll drive over to your work to see you, which really means he's checking up on you. This might seem sweet at first but it'll become a regular thing and you'll be totally creeped out! Next he'll start checking up on you at work, without saying hi to you. He'll just spy on you from afar - absolute creep!


5. He texts you non-stop, even after you don't reply.

He'll send you text after text after text, EVEN if you haven't replied for hours. This is a very bad sign - keep away from this guy. Yes, he's a creep!

4. He talks about how he can't wait to have kids with you.

Any boyfriend who even thinks about this in the early stages of a relationship is clearly a raging lunatic! The word "babies" shouldn't even be whispered within the first 2 years at the very LEAST! If he starts talking about this with you before then, it means he usually has an ulterior motive - to lock you up!


3. He tells you "if we ever broke up, I'd DIE!"

He says this jokingly, but he's deadly serious. He's telling you this to make sure you don't ever try and break up with him. Creepy and overly-attached boyfriend will make you feel trapped. Get out before it's too late!

2. He's a compulsive liar.

He lies about everything, but never admits it even when he's been caught out. But he always demands that you tell him the truth about everything.

1. He tells you he loves you after 2 weeks.

You might think it's cute or sweet that a guy has uttered those 3 magic words, but think about it, what person can really know anybody after just a fortnight? It says a lot about his character if he says "I love you" after such a short period of time. This is a huge warning sign!

Damien Slater
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Damien is a handsome 20-something recent graduate, with a developing tint of megalomania and unwarranted sense of entitlement. He is a fond lover of happy hour and is a self-proclaimed "expert" in pickup-artistry. With an aptitude for writing and solving algebraic equations, he is currently enjoying life, bouncing from one hot blonde to the next, and hopes to soon achieve the 100th notch on his bedpost.
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