9 Irrational Things You Do When You Like Someone

People do some crazy shit when they like someone. In the 1950's when you fancied someone you hid behind their bushes and waited to see them at mass. Now you can look at 1,500 pictures of them online without even getting off the toilet. Don't be crazy, check out #9.


Flick through ALL of their facebook photos;

- No matter how far they go back, you always check them all, possibly even more than once (even the embarrassing first year photos no one ever wants to see again).


Constantly check when they were last on Facebook/Whatsapp

- For some reason we all like to know when and what our crush has been up to on Facebook/Whatsapp, and a decent place to start is when they’ve last been on. Although you know you’re getting a bit obsessed when you’re checking it every 5 minutes...



Check what they’ve ‘Liked’ on Facebook

- This is a simple one. Most likely just to see what sort of music/ tv they’re into. But be careful, you might find yourself watching hours of crappy tv shows just to say “OMG yeah, I’ve watched all 17 series of Home and Away as well, what a coincidence.”



Pretend songs you hear on the radio are about you and your crush

- Be it Bruno Mars-Marry You or Clean Bandit-Rather Be, we’ve all sat listening to a song pretending you’re singing it to them or vice versa.


Have imaginary conversations with them in your head

- These can vary from a quick ‘Hello’, to an hour long conversation on your way to college about how you hate the bus and you’re going to get a car so the two of you ‘cruize’ during the summer.



Type their name in the ‘View As’ tab on Facebook

- This one might not be for everyone as not everyone knows about. If you do, I’m sure you’ve done it 100 times. If not, it’s a small tab to the right of your cover photo that allows you to view your profile as someone else (in other words, you see what they see). Thank me later.



Always thinking of a way to start a conversation

- #3 can be a big help here but otherwise a question about the Maths assignment due next week is a classic (pretending you don’t know what it’s about when you’ve really finished 3 months ago…).


Pretend they’re in the bed beside you when you sleep

- This one is a little creepy when you think about but I’m sure I’m not the only one. Sometimes it’s nice to pretend that arm wrapped around your neck isn’t yours, or the pillow on your arm is his/her head.



Something you don’t do but really should

- Forget about 1-8, send them a text and meet up with them. You’ll find growing a pair and actually asking them out on a date is much better than pretending all of the above are really happening. Once again, you can thank me later..


Sean McVoy
Facebook messenger