How To Act In An Interview

The thing about college life is that it actually has to end sometime, which is shit.

In college you are rated on your ability to do a rollover, down a jaeger bomb before noon and squeeze in as many nights out before the weekend.

But sadly these things just don't apply in the 'real' world and while we all want to just hang out as students forever no one wants to be one of the students who's done 4th year 3 times.

Job application begins and these tips are all you need to know once you get to interview…

Oh - some qualifications, experience and low wage expectations will also help…

Dress to impress


Don't chew chewing gum, or wear a cap

Don't ask inappropriate questions

Don't be too honest


If they throw in a random question don't panic

Don't do this

Shake hands with confidence


Lie about your drinking habits

Lie about most of your social life

And how you spent yesterday afternoon


Be positive.. None of this

Avoid excessive coffee before hand

When asked about  your computer literacy, don't go into express detail


… Let them assume you know more than you may actually

When it comes to salary talk, don't say this

Lastly, walk out with confidence


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