Annoying Sh*t Couples Do That Single People Hate

It's summer time, which means that love is in the air, and lots and lots of new couples. For a single person it can be really annoying when everywhere you look all you see is couples. Here is some advice from a single person, take it easy with the lovey dovey shit, you're making all the single people feel horrible about themselves.

15) Giving relationship advice to single people

You may not realise it, but some single people choose not to be in a relationship for a reason. They have been damaged before and just need some time by themselves. So don't go around like you are relationship guru's saying "There is someone out there that is bound to like you" and "There's plenty of fish in the sea".

14) Using themselves as an example of a successful relationship

In their rambling about being in a relationship they use themselves as an example of a perfect relationship. Sure, because they have never had a fight and you don't know that he is actually cheating behind your back.


13) Referring to themselves as "we"

"We were thinking of going out if you want to join us ?" or "We think it's better to stay in tonite". You have been going out for two weeks  and you're already talking like you're married. Wait until you have gone out for a couple of months, when everyone starts referring to you as a couple,  you will do anything to be seen as an individual.

12) Letting everyone how long you they have been together

It always seems to be some sort of anniversary,  whether it's your actual anniversary or that time when you went to the beach and got ice-cream. You think that everyone needs to know how long you guys have been together "Well next week we're going on 6 months" which results in another annoying Facebook status about how you've been through so much together.


11) Comparing themselves to Jay-Z and Beyonce

"Oh my God, Drunk in Love that is totally us babe", ye sure if you mean that time you were locked on a night out and you gave him a quickie in the bathroom.

11) Constant status updates about their significant other

"Love you babes xxx" and " you're always there for me when I need you", we know that you're in a relationship, so we don't need you to constantly update us on how things are going.


10) Posting those girly things photos on Facebook

Every girl loves to post these photos to show much they love their boyfriend. Yeah, we get it, you don't have to tell us every little thing that he does, I'm so glad that people eventually made parodies about them.

9) Texting each other all the time...

When they get a text from the boyfriend/girlfriend theres literally nothing else in the world that is more important. Even if they text back "k" they feel like you have to send them some long winded text about how much they love each other.


8) Synchronised Laughing

It's very creepy when you both laugh at the same time and make the exact same sound when you do it. You probably think it's cute, but to everyone, it's just downright freaky.

7) Saying "Awwww" together when you see something cute

It is as if you are just one big girly organism who can't contain themselves when they see something cute. You watched Despicable Me together and now anytime you see anything to do with minions you have to share it on their wall.


6) Singing "Your song" together

It seems to change every week, it could literally be any song about a relationship and then you say "It's like they wrote this song for us, baby? Yea, because you're the only two people in a relationship at this moment in time.

5) Whispering in each others ear and then saying you wouldn't understand

When your with a couple there is nothing more annoying than when they exclude you from the conversation. They whisper in each other's ear and pretend like nothing happened. If you're going to be that juvenile, you might as well pass each other notes like you used to do in school.


4) You bring a plus one even when they haven't been invited

Even when your boyfriend/girlfriend isn't invited you still insist on bringing a plus one. You say it's because you can't stand being away from them but really you just don't trust them.

3) Prolonged public displays of affection

Yea, we get you love each other and that you want to express it physically, but you're not at home, you're in public space. We don't need to see you getting freaky on a park bench when I'm trying to eat my lunch.


2) Telling everyone how much you have in common

"It's like were the same person, we have so much in common", If one of these things is that you both like the Notebook I have some bad news. Guys just say they like things so that girls we think that they have a sensitive side.

1) Spending every waking minute with each other

Best friends have needs too you know, you used to have spare time, now you spend all your time with your significant other.It can be hard for a friend to swallow. The ultimate test is trying to get them to go on holiday with their mates.


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