Does Being Yourself Actually Work? How to Attract the Right Type of Guy...

This is an article predominantly aimed at a female audience. It is, however, written by a man. I am not perfect. Far from it. However, I do strive to treat women with the utmost respect. As a general rule of thumb, I believe respect is the most crucial factor in any relationship. Respect can manifest itself in many different ways. But, essentially, respect and honesty go hand-in-hand. And everyone knows that honesty is the best policy.

Obviously, there is a percentage of girls reading this who genuinely don’t give a shit. Some girls are just mad for a bit of pipe. But, it goes without saying that a lot of us are looking for legitimate companionship based on mutual respect. As Jason Derulo once said: “Everybody’s looking for love (oh oh) // Ain’t that the reason you’re at this club (oh oh)?” This could be a male misconception, but no girl enjoys being treated like shit. If you keep attracting scumbags and idiots, it’s probably for a reason. But despair not, my sisters from another mister. There is hope. The way you conduct yourself and your general attitude can dictate the type of man you attract.

Here is a guide, written by a man. It may help you attract the right type of guy... or at least someone who doesn’t just want you for sex.

  • Respect yourself

This doesn't necessarily refer directly to sleeping around. What I mean is, don’t accept less than you expect.  Being hard to get makes everyone more desirable, but not if it's an act. Self-respect comes naturally to some, but it can also be learned. It is a by-product of how you view yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, it's highly unlikely that others will respect you.

  • Be self-assured.

As my highly irregular editor has pointed out on numerous occasions, there is a difference between being confident and being self-assured. Confidence is great, but there's a fine line - overconfidence can be perceived as arrogance or bitchiness. Self-assured is the sexiest thing a girl can be. Being self-assured means owning it, being quietly assertive and not taking shit because you know you deserve respect. Basically having high standards for yourself and for others. As ridiculous as it sounds, looks are overrated. A self-assured girl is far more attractive than an insecure, beauty-obsessed model.

  • Be yourself

Don’t be someone you’re not. You will eventually be found out. It takes a colossal effort to maintain a facade. Be yourself. Be honest. No one likes a fake person. Personally, I love weird girls. In fact, the weirder you are, the better. Everyone is weird. Embrace your inner freak.

  • Intelligence

I’m not referring to how well you did in your leaving certificate. I’m talking more about being socially able and not being an airhead. Intelligence is sexy. We don’t think you’re cute when you pretend to be dumb, we think you’re an idiot.

As I mentioned previously, looks are overrated. My ex was stereotypically hot, but holy shit was she stupid. Ultimately that’s why she got the chop. This is a relatively personal insight to what makes me, Rudolph Brotherton, hot under the collar.

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Rudolph Brotherton
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Rudolph is an under-achieving, morally defunct, self-professed ladies man. His hobbies include sex, pugs and rock ‘n’ roll. He makes Johnny Bravo look like Postman Pat. He is the real deal. The original Heartbreak Kid. Looking to improve your game with the ladies? Listen very carefully...
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