Awkward Moments That Happen On The First Date

Dating can be a very awkward experience, especially in the early stages when you know nothing about each other and try to present the best possible portrait of yourself. You try and hide your embarrassing secrets and are both trying to figure out if you really like one another enough to pursue the relationship any further. Maybe some of these awkward moments ring a bell?

11. The first time you go to hold their hand.

This can be a difficult moment to judge. When is the "appropriate time" to hold their hand. You're wondering if they're thinking the same thing but struggle to get a good read of the situation. The first date is DEFINITELY too soon to do it though! Steer clear of that awkward mistake.

10. Food in your teeth.

Getting home from your date, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and notice a ginormous piece of lettuce hanging from between your two front teeth! "How long has it been there? Did they notice? WHY didn't they say anything?!"


9. Rejected for putting your arm around her at the movies.

If you feel that it's too early to risk this move, go with your gut feeling. It's always better NOT to get rejected and save both of you from that awkward experience.

8. Releasing a smelly  fart for the first time.

How about this for a familiar picture? Your date is chatting on about their life at college or work, and you smile and nod repeatedly, without saying anything. You feel a gust of stinky wind descending to the pit of your stomach. "OH NO!" You clench your fists, grit your teeth and squeeze your buttocks tightly under the table. You can't take it anymore and sneak a cheek slightly upwards, let loose, and pray to God the wind is blowing in the opposite direction. Unfortunately they catch your wretched scent and you of course, like a defendant in a murder trial, deny it to the ground! What other choice do you have?


7. How to pay the bill?

The cutesy fight over the bill is for couples a bit further down the line in their dating life. The early daters are always in the dark about how they should approach this. The best choice is to let the guy be a gentleman. It's also a good insight into his character. If she offers to contribute to the bill, great! But it's always good practice for him to pick up the bill. Granted, not ALL the time, but you'll get great brownie points for doing so. Just don't constantly bring up that you paid the bill, hinting not so subtly, at something in return...

6. Trying to hide that you're seeing a couple of people at once.

It's normal to have a couple of people on the go when you're in the early stages of dating. After all, you guys aren't "together" and there's no need to bring it up. Being single is the only time when you're allowed to live the life of a slut, so take advantage and slut away! Just don't organise your post-date booty call during your dinner plans!


5. Ordering the chicken wings!

Rookie mistake - but many have walked this dangerous route. Don't order the chicken wings smothered in buffalo sauce with blue cheese dip. Granted, they look unbelievable, but you won't be a pretty sight while devouring them. There's no delicate way to eat a chicken wing, just like there's no heterosexual way to enjoy a Twister ice cream.

4. When it's time to have "the talk!"

You've got to the stage in the relationship where it's time to either label yourselves "a couple" or else mention it's best that you "see other people." It's sometimes hard to judge what the other is thinking and it naturally goes down smoother if you're both on the same page.  Although this has the potential to be a very awkward moment if you're not!


3. You have to use the bathroom.

God forbid your date finds out your secret bathroom habits. Try and keep at least a little to the imagination. Even if you're a 5 year couple, nobody wants to know what goes on with you behind THAT door!

2. Seeing each other naked.

Seeing each other in the nip for the first time can be awkward, especially if one, or both of you, are self-conscious about parts of their bodies. Just know that if one of you is self-conscious, then the other is probably as well.

1. Do you go for the hug or the kiss?

The age-old dilemma of how to say goodbye to your date - do you go for the ass-out friendly hug, a cute peck on the cheek or go ultra-attacking and lean in for the kiss on the lips? Pay attention to the signals that the other is giving off because they will be thinking about the same problem as you are. Don't over-analyse it. Find the middle ground on your first date and then take it from there next time around. Save yourself the embarrassment!

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