The Quintessential Boyfriend Checklist...

No one is perfect, but there are some things to look out for if you're looking for a boyfriend. There are small signs that you can look out for that make them a firm candidate for your next significant other. Here is the quintessential boyfriend checklist.

15) They have good manners

I'm not saying that they have to be a vanilla Catholic school boy,  but manners in general are definitely something to look out for. What it comes down to is respect and having respect for other people no matter who they are. Steer clear of the pretentious douchebags and look for those that actually treat people properly.

14) They have a great personality

No one wants to be with a dry shite (unless of course they have lots of money), but we are drawn to people that have great personalities, especially ones that match up with ours. Some people like more outspoken people and others more reserved, but if they have a good personality it's always something to look for in a potential partner.


13) They make you smile

This one is very simple, but is definitely an important one to have on the list. Sometimes you don't even have to say anything, and they just make you smile. They might say something funny or they might not, but if being around someone makes you happy then it's a definite reason to get with them.

12) Being openly generous

If they actually think about others instead of just themselves, then it's a good reason. They'll have no problem with helping others and sometimes forget to put themselves first. I'm not saying that they have to be working in soup kitchens on the weekend and help out at a dog shelter, but if they're  generous with their time and money then they are definitely a keeper.


 11) They're passionate about something

Even if it's just a hobby, when they have something that they're really passionate about then it really gives you a sense of what they're like. Sure, they might work an office job and get good money, but if they don't have something that really gets them going then what are they actually living for.

 10) A good group of friends

Everyone needs people to support and care for them ,but if their friends couldn't care less about who they are seeing, then they're not good friends. If someone talks about how many friends they have then they're clearly covering things up. It's better for them to have a few close friends than loads of kind of friends that they only see every now and again.


 9) Being trustworthy

Even if it's with the smallest things, being able to fully trust them is a big thing. Obviously no one wants to date someone unfaithful, but if they can show that they can be trusted then they should be considered. Even if it's something trivial you should always take the chance to test them.

8) Having a plan in life

Things don't always turn out the way we want them to, in fact, they never play out exactly as you think. If someone doesn't even try or is just content with being stuck in a dead end job then they have no prospects. You need someone that has some ambition and even if they might not be in the job they want at the moment, they have a vision for their future. You need someone with a level of determination and a belief that will get where they want to be.


7) They make an effort to like your friends

They won't get along with everyone, but at least if they make an effort your friends will like them. If someone doesn't try to get to know your friends and just dismisses them maybe you need to reconsider . It's a good thing if they make an effort  and we all know that once you have your friends approval it's all signals go.

6) They challenge you

You need someone that has a different perspective on life and that has different views than you. If you both see things exactly the same way then you won't grow and learn together. You will learn to like different things and maybe even something that you once hated.


5) A sense of humour

Seriously, there are some people out there who can't take a joke and never crack a smile. Humour is necessary when looking for a potential boyfriend,  especially if they have the same sense of humor as you. Sometimes things just click and you get each other's peculiar humor, that's definitely another reason to make them more than just a friend.

 4) They're able to cook

Whether it's them making breakfast for you when you're hungover or being able to make you a romantic dinner. Being able to cook is an incredibly important asset for someone to have if you're looking for a boyfriend. It's more common for girls to be able to cook so a guy that can properly cook is a rare breed.


3) If they know how to scrub up

It's one thing to judge someone on the day to day, but if you see them when they scrub up you will see a lot more of what they're about. Then later down the line you won't have to worry what they will look like when you're introducing them to your friends and family. It may seem like a small thing, but being presentable is an important factor.

2) They are content by themselves

If someone can get enjoyment out of just being by themselves it means that they won't be needy. The last thing you need is a clinger that hangs on your word and can only be happy when they're with you. It's not a healthy way to live if you're always dependent on someone else to make you happy. Find someone that is content by themselves, but is happy when you're together.

1) They give you their full attention

It's seems nowadays we can never just talk to someone, we have to be on our phone at the same time as well. If they give you their full undivided attention, then you should really consider them. If they actually make an effort to listen to you without doing anything else, then you know you can be honest with them and you will make the effort to have conversations with them.

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