Commitment Issues and No Time: Excuses Every Single Person Uses For Being Single.

For us eternally 'Single Sallys' it can be hard to understand exactly why every other person on the planet isn't falling at our knees begging to take us on a date. This is highlighted when we're at family gatherings and have old Aunt Mary prodding you with questions of 'where's your other half?' or when your friends go on double dates and the closest thing you have to romance is the cheesy ending of a rom-com on Netflix. There's a list of excuses that we try to brainwash ourselves (and other people) with as to why exactly we're without a spouse. If you've gone through a drought in regards to relationships, you are guaranteed to have told yourself a few of these porky pies.

1) I don't want a boyfriend/girlfriend right now.
2) I don't have time to spend with a boyfriend/girlfriend right now.
3) I have commitment issues.
4) I'm too busy to text people back.
5) I'm too young for a serious relationship.
6) There's no point in committing to a relationship because I want to travel this year.
7) I need some me time.
8) I need to find myself.
9) My friends and family fulfil me enough.
10) I like not sharing my bed.
11) I can eat a meal deal for two all by myself.
12) I really like not having to shave, ever.
13) I like not having to answer to anybody.
14) I don't need an 'other half.'
15) I am whole, all by myself.
16) My cats won't like them anyway.
17) I'd rather chill with Netflix on my own.
18) Sometimes I actually want to just watch Netflix.
19) Boyfriends are great but have you tried garlic cheese fries?
20) Chivalry is dead.
21) I want a gentleman.
22) All of the good ones are gone.
23) I have exhausted the pool of eligible bachelors in this country.
24) I have trust issues.
25) I'm working on my trust/commitment issues.
26) I just don't fancy anyone right now.
27) Nobody goes on 'dates' anymore.
28) I'm not interested in casual hookups.
29) I'm keeping my options open.
30) Madonnas boyfriend is 29 years her junior, which just means mine hasn't even been born yet.
31) I can gain weight, and nobody will judge me.
32) I don't believe in monogamy.
33) I am incapable of having feelings.
34) Eternal love is fictional.
35) I refuse to be one of those mushy couples that I hate.
36) I'm an independent woman.
37) My libido is practically non-existent right now.
38) I don't need regular sex.
39) Casual sex is fulfilling, I promise.
40) I don't need a partner to show my value.
41) People our age are idiots.
42) The older ones are married.
43) I'm experimenting with my sexuality right now.
44) I don't want to get pregnant.
45) I don't want to get STD's.
46) Abstinence is the only way to avoid both.
47) I'm waiting to be swept off of my feet.
48) I'm a feminist, and I don't need a man.
49) I'd rather go out and party every weekend.
50) I deserve better.
51) I am literally better than anyone I have ever gone out with.
52) I have other opportunities elsewhere.
53) I don't want to be that person who ignores their friends because they have a boyfriend.
54) I'm not in any rush.
55) I have a very specific type.
56) I even have a checklist.
57) I like not having to get dolled up for anyone.
58) Contraception is so expensive.
59) I have better sex on my own.
60) Valentines day is gross.
61) I don't want to buy presents for anyone.
62) I'm too broke for a relationship.
63) Being Facebook official freaks me out.
Justine Halpin Mulligan
Article written by
22 year old Sociology and Social Policy student in Trinity College Dublin. Interests include romantic walks to the fridge and anything to do with elephants. Wants to be a TV personality when she grows up.
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