The Different Types Of Friends Your Girlfriend Has

We all love our girlfriends, and they love their friends, which means we have to love their friends by association. Most of the time it's fine, you nod and smile and play nice, but sometimes you just want to drop kick them in the face. If you've ever had a girlfriend, you might have come across at least one of these.

The Overly Possessive One

Yeah, this is weird. She kind of hates when you turn up on nights out, muttering something like 'I thought this was a girls night' and then she randomly joins the two of you for lunch, coffee, walks on the pier, dinner, ice cream... Whenever she stays over on the couch, she comes into the two of you in the morning, totally cock blocking you, just short of getting into the bed between you. You suspect she might actually fancy her but you're too scared to bring up a threesome.


The Gay Friend

He says he's gay, he's been with guys but it still really pisses you off then they hold hands and kiss on the lips and talk about the time they nearly had sex just for fun, just to see how it felt. Yeah. Not funny. You're still a guy and she's still my girlfriend. Fuck off.


The Perpetually Single Mess

She seems to almost enjoy being fucked over by guys, she constantly rings your girlfriend for advice or casually drops over and cries for the afternoon because everything remind her of HIM! All men are assholes, according to her, until she's out with you, begging you for an introduction with your mates.


The One You Kind Of Fancy


She's hot. There's absolutely no denying it. She knows it, you know it, your girlfriend definitely knows it. You try not to stare at her or imagine kissing her or having sex with her mid conversation, but it's really fucking difficult because... she's so hot. It doesn't help either that she's really nice, which just accentuates her hotness by like 100. She always has time for you, is genuinely interested in what you have to say and makes you feel comfortable during awkward situations. You're kind of it love with her. Dammit.



The Cheeky One Who Fancies You

There's something in this one's eyes that suggests she loves the D. From the moment you met her, she had a mischievous smirk that made your dick do an involuntary twitch. She's not necessarily good looking but she has a lot of sex appeal and you have been known to spank the old monkey with her in mind a few times. You're pretty sure if she got you in a room alone, you could 100% score her but for now, you just enjoy the virtual licking of lips she does from across the room whenever you're together.



The Male Friend

They've apparently been friends 'forever'. They go to dinner together, watch dvd's, take walks... She tells him everything and as far as she's concerned, the sun shines out of this guy's arse. He's alright, nice guy, but you know he's choked the chicken about her before, you can just see it in his eyes. Plus he's definitely straight and you girlfriend is hot so you just know he'd go for it if she was up for it. All it'd take would be one big argument, her crying on his shoulder, him telling her she's crazy to let herself be treated like this and then a quick slip of the tongue and boom, you're just that guy that brought them together. Dickhead.


Ian Smith
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