From Happiness To Heartbreak: 14 Things All Sisters Will Go Through Together

Having a sister is like nothing else in the world. She's your flesh and blood. She's your closest friend, and at other times she's your worst enemy. The thing about having a sister though is that no matter how much you hate her, you always know that she'll be there for you, you always know that she's got your back. So, to say thanks to my own sisters and to your sisters too, here are some things all sisters will go through together:

Fights, oh so many fights...


Fights over that lace top, fights over who changed the channel, fights over who's the so-called favourite, fights over who took the last of the best cereal, fights over who used all the hot water, fights over phone chargers, and so on. Good God there are so many fights, and I promise you they'll never stop, no matter how old you get.

Being apart for the first time ever.



The thing I've come to learn about sisters over time, is that even when you're separated for a considerable length of time (and this happens more and more the older you get), once you see one another, it's like things have never changed. You'll snap instantly back into your argumentative, fiercely loyal state of mind and remain there, no questions asked.

Family problems, of any variety.


From fights to illness and everything in between, families go through it all, but what makes it easier is having one another around as a sort of support network. Family you see, can either make you or break you, it just depends on where you stand in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully yours are always there for you, and this is all made easier when you've got your sister standing right there by your side.

Covering for one another.



You know your sister relationship is moving into new territory when you need to start covering for one another, as opposed to snitching on her to your parents. Whether it's sneaking out, or pretending that you actually ARE spending all of your spare time studying, having one another's back is a sisterly trait like no other, and this is true too when it comes to standing up for her and vice versa. NOBODY else is allowed to diss my sister, except me, of course!

Chats and DMCs that last all night long.


You know that defining moment you always see in films where the couple stay up chatting about their lives all night long? Well, back in the real world, sisters do this too. Whether it's a long overdue catch-up about your lives now, or just a few hours spent laughing at how ridiculous your entire family happens to be, sometimes a big chat is just what sisters need.

Protecting one another.



From parental fights, to money worries, to asshole boys, it's nice to know that whatever happens, someone's got your back. And if you've got an older sister? Well, watch out people, you'd better not get on her bad side, I'm just saying...

Healing their heartbreak.


Heartbreak, I have sadly come to discover, is inevitable in this life. Even worse than this though, is the discovery that heartbreak is inevitable in your sister's life too. When I found my sister heartbroken, I wanted to inflict pain on the one who hurt her, but distracting her, providing lots of chocolate, alcohol and hilarious films was a much more pleasant and wise way to cheer her up.

Stealing everything from one another.



It's not sisterly love until you rob their most expensive piece of clothing and probably ruin it too. Hell, it's just part and parcel of life really. Expect some harsh words and deep fear, and by the way, you'll probably never grow out of this. Soz not soz.

Going out together.


For years one of you watched the other get all dolled up, apply copious amounts of makeup, stick on your highest heels and hit the town, and then before you know it, you'll be doing it together and you'll never look again. Probably.


Asking one another for real help.


Whether it's real help, honest advice, helping her to choose the right thing, or just needing to dig her out of a hole (not literally, hopefully), your sister is usually the perfect one for the job. Added to that is the fact that you probably know one another better than anyone else, so you can really, honestly trust her, and you have yourself a recipe for success.

Maturing together in many ways. 


When 'you look just like your sister' starts to become a compliment rather than an insult. When you no longer feel the need to compete with her, because you both have different strengths and weaknesses. When you start to feel proud of her and not jealous when she achieves something great. When you realise that you're both growing up, together, it's truly a great moment.


Sharing too many in-jokes to mention.


You think that these will die out with age, but I've discovered that actually, they just tend to increase if nothing else. As the years float by and the family gatherings increase, so too do the jokes and in-comments. Remember the time.....

Hating someone she hates just because she hates them.


There are 15 year olds out there that I legit hate, purely because I know the cruel things they've said to my little sister. Just because you're getting older and supposedly wiser, that doesn't mean that your loyaly needs to wane. Forgive if you need to but never forget, especially when it comes to sibling loyalty.


The not very clear, but very real moment when you realise how weird and well matched you are.


It'll happen a few times, but your sister is one of the very few people in this world with whom you can be your true and honest self. You're a weird little being and the same goes for her. Who else can you slobber around with in your onesie making weird animal sounds and lying in a pool of your own crumbs? Her, that's who.


So, to sisters everywhere, we love you always!

Sinead Kelly
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Sinead enjoys nothing more than taking short country strolls, watching upper class crime thrillers and planning her next romantic gesture. A true romantic at heart, she spends 364 days of the year counting down until the next February 14th.
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