Ginger On Tinder: How To Cope

Swiping right frantically with freckled fingers? Poor ginge-y... But hey! It's not so bad! Y'know some people actually go for red-heads?! Crazy, I know! Here's how to navigate the world of dating online when you're ginger...

1. Find A Friend Who's Just As Pale For Photos.

That way, you won't look like you're actually deceased. Or, being a girl, get some fake tan?

2. Actual Useful Tip For Everyone: Never Mind Your Palest, Grab Your UGLIEST Friend!

Then the guy looking through your profile will be like: "Please let her be the good looking one...", and then in your next pic its just you looking hot at that party you were at last month, and he'll be relieved, and he'll swipe right, and its a love story for the ages, truly.

3. Don't Hide It; EMBRACE It. The People Who Love Gingers, Really Love Gingers.


Describing yourself as having a hair colour that is 'African Sunset' fools nobody. You're ginger... And that's not a bad thing! Be proud of it, you're a very rare creature. In fact, gingers account for only 0.6% of the world's population... Yes, you read that correctly, 0.6%!


4. Be Careful When Using Your Dating Apps Abroad...

Some countries view red-headedness fairly poorly... In Corsica, France, it is believed that a ginger is bad luck, and that you must spit on the ground and walk the other way if you see one... So yeah, there'll be no swiping right over there! PLUS in Malaysia and Singapore they view gingers as 'Red-Haired Devils'. So that's not very nice.

5. "I Dunno If I Should Swipe Right, Aren't Gingers Supposed To Be Angry All The Time?"


There's a common belief that gingers have very short fuses AND IT REALLY FUCKING PISSES ME OFF. Sorry... Anyways, yeah its a mystery, dunno where it came from... I mean, if she looks hot, swipe right guy, its simple. Don't piss me off... If they don't match up with you because of your hair colour, they why would you want to be with that person, really?! Huh?!

6. Don't Lie Like The Short Guys... Don't Hide Your Fiery Locks From Your Pics.

How annoying is it when the guy shows up and he's 5'7"? 6'0" my ass! So how would someone feel if you hid the fact that you were ginger? They probably wouldn't mind (unless they really did), but its just not good to lie about something that makes you 'you.'

7. Everyone Thinks You Have No Soul...

But you listen to Adele like, all the time, right?! Girl, you got soul! And you got this dating thing! Embrace yo' funky self! Be comfortable in your own skin. Don't worry, you'll get matches, honestly!


Video: 10 Reasons Why Being Ginger is Awesome


Credit: Emily Hart

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