Why Girls Love Assholes

The thing about a man with game, I mean real game, is that he's a crafty F**ker. He has the ability to make you feel like you are special, unique and brilliant, which of course you are. But a bad boy will hammer it home, obviously with a view to hammering you at his home later. Here are 7 reasons we love bad men..

They are confident 

Bad boys wouldn't be able to pull off half their antics if they weren't brimming with confidence. The intersting thing is that this attitude of confidence overflows into everything that they do, be it the friends they make, the food they eat, the car or bike they drive, the way they drive, the way they order their drinks and even the way they talk to other women, even though the girlfriend may be just a step behind. No matter what, such overt confidence is a major major turn on for women.

They are indifferent 

They just don't give a damn. Rule books are not applicable to them and when it comes to getting things done, it's either their way of the highway. You can't expect to change him, or set him straight as he makes his rules and believes that life is to be lived on the edge. Take it or leave it, that's the attitude they flaunt and it's massively sexy.

They are exciting and adventurous 

Among the most prominent characteristics you'd find abundantly in bad boys is their love for excitement and adventure. Bad boys are always testing the boundaries and pushing the envelope when it comes to their life and women just can't get enough of this attitude. They find it intriguing and extremely exciting.


They are challenging and mysterious 

Remember, if your behavior becomes routine, women are bound to find you boring. Women want men who are a challenge. As for the mysterious streak, contrary to popular belief that women want dates booked in, a little bit of the the guessing game actually gives us a high like no other.

They are very masculine 

This often goes hand-in-hand with being confident, indifferent, exciting, adventurous... etc. Bad boys are often rugged and in-control. That doesn't mean that they are controlling, they just know how to get what they want without breaking into a sweat. They speak clearly and confidently, they look you in the eye, they are passionate about what they believe in... but most importantly, they still know how to treat a lady and make her feel good. To them the latter is a mastered skill.

They give women a feeling of power 

It's rightly said that the illusion of control is often more powerful than power itself. When it comes to bad boys, they exude an air of power like no other, giving their women an air of strength and togetherness.

They know how to talk to women 

One of the main reasons why these macho men are such chick magnets is because they are so confident, especially when it comes to chatting up females. They give out this 'don't give a damn' attitude. That's not all, they are not afraid of putting across their opinion or making their point. Most importantly, they know how to woo a woman and her feel good with words. Smooth-talkers, they can waltz their way in and out of situation is style and panache and consequently set hearts racing...


Martha Cassidy
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