13 Lifesaving Tips For Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

13 Lifesaving Tips For Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

A lot of us experience being separated from our boyfriend/girlfriend at some stage in our lives. Whether it's being on Erasmus, interning abroad or heading off for the summer, it's something that happens a lot and honestly, no one tells you how to deal with it.

Let's not sugarcoat it, it's hard and can be really lonely at times. But it can also make you appreciate the little things in your partner, such as eating with them, holding their hand and even just chilling with them. That being said, we've compiled a list of top tips on how to make a long distance relationship work.

1. Communication is key

This is the number one tip that will make or break you. Sending them a Whatsapp and actually calling them and hearing their voice is so important to a healthy relationship. However, it's also important to not bombard them with messages 10 hours a day. Know that space is just as healthy.


2. Visit them

If it's plausible, try and visit them as much as possible and vice versa. Flights around Europe can be very reasonable if booked in advance and at off-peak times.


3. Be smart with flights

By booking mid-week flights you will get the best deals and will have more cash to do activities with them.


4. Plan a trip when they're home

Whether it's booking a hotel or taking a surfing trip, it's important to spend some quality time together.

5. Trust them


It may seem hard when you're in different countries from each other but this will make or break you. If you don't fully trust them, doubts will creep in which will lead to fights and even a break-up.

6. Know it's okay to have doubts

No one is perfect and we all have doubts from time to time. Being apart may put a strain on your relationship and it may get you thinking if it's worth it or not. Know that by telling your partner how you feel you can work through it together.


7. Have Skype dates

Not being able to go out on dates is one of the hardest parts of being away from each other. Seeing your boyfriend/girlfriend face to face is essential and will instantly reconnect you.


8. Know if it's worth it

You need to decide before you separate, will it be worth it? If you both make that decision it's important to honour it and try to work on your relationship as much as you can.


9. Enjoy your own company

Learn to be alone. It may seem challenging but learning to enjoy your own company is a wonderful thing. You will become more independent in the process and not be so reliant on others.

10. Be honest with them


Tell them how you're feeling. If you bottle up your emotions you will end up snapping at them for no apparent reason.


11. Know their schedule

If you know they'll be in work for X amount of time, you won't become annoyed if they can't reply to you straight away. This will lead to you communicating more effectively and ultimately, less arguments.

12. Tag them in funny posts

This shows you're thinking of them and can be a nice surprise to their day.



13. Finally...update them about your life

Let them know if you've made a new friend or tried something different, it will make them feel connected to you and in the loop about your life.



Overall, long-distance relationships are achievable if you both work with each other. Also, it's important to remember that you won't be apart forever and you'll appreciate your relationship so much more when you're back together.


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