Never Be Lonely Again- At Last, A Couch That Gives Hugs!

So being chronically single is great, you can do whatever you like, flirt to your hearts content, party for days on end... but do you ever feel lonely? Do you ever just CRAVE a hug, like, a good, squeezy one from someone who cares?

Yeah well it's not Japan yet and you can't pay to go into a cafe and hug a stranger juuust yet. I can't decide if I am thrilled this is the case or if I would like the option to get tightly hugged by an innofensive looking stranger... Anyway, you know how much you love your couch? Welllll now- it can hug you! FOR REAL YES. There is a couch that can provide those warm and (let's pretend) loving arms. Thanks to designer Eun Kyoung Lee, designer of the Free Hug Sofa your lonely nights may soon be merely a memory.

Feeling crap? Bad day in college? Another hopeless bastard leaving you hanging, blatantly ignoring your Whatsapp's? Just ate all your feelings again? During your bleakest moments, the Free Hug Sofa will always be there for you just cuddling your problems away. Ok, so it's not available to buy yet, and when it is it will probably be wildly expensive BUT once there's one... there will be many. I think the cuddle couch is something that is here to stay. *Yay!


*But let's also pray that I get a boyfriend at some point and can kind of lol affectionately at my abandoned cuddle couch. Kay?

Video: A Sofa That Hugs You


Credit: wochit Entertainment

College Times Staff
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