The Pros Of Being In Love With A Nerd Guy In College

The times when we used to make jokes about nerds and their awkwardness are long gone. Since technology became the air that we breathe – and the source of some of the better paid and coolest jobs in the world – they have turned into stars in any college. But, if you still aren’t sure if smart really is the new sexy, you should consider the pros of being in love with a nerd guy in college. Here's a few upsides to dating them...


1. They Are Romantic


Do you want someone that you can trust, to cuddle any time you wish, and that will go that extra mile to make you happy? Then a nerdy guy is your man. As they are not into dating around, they value the girl that they are with at the moment, and try to treat them like a princess. TIP: give them some guidelines about things you love, and they will follow them with a smile on their faces.

2.They're Never Short Of Something To Say



If you are tired of listening to endless stories about sports and cars (only and always), go on a date with a nerd guy. They will talk about everything else, from movies and TV shows to rocket science. And as their ideas and opinions cover some many topics, they will allow you to choose what to talk about next. They are also great listeners, and they will be happy to hear whatever you want to share – and actually will pay attention to what you say and comment about it. You both can spend the whole night just chatting away.

3. They're Resourceful


Nerds are great fixing things in general, and not only your laptop. They'll also be able to give good tips on how to actually study and stop binge-watching Netflix the day before your finals. They're happy to help and to show off their never ending range of skills, so you won’t need to beg or trick him into doing anything for you. And you get extra free time to do whatever you wish while they are busy. Win- win I'd say.




4. They're Not Superficial



Not saying that you can show up in your onesie on a date, but all that fancy clothes, make-up and hours preening yourself won’t make much difference to your nerd guy. Nerd guys will be amazed by your natural look, and much more interested in what you have to say than what you are dressing. Of course, they will love to see you at your best, you but you won’t need to stress yourself over it.

5. They're Not High Maintenance


If you aren’t into a busy social life in college, probably because you have tons of assignments to write and classes to attend, your nerd guy will not become a problem to you. They will love just to stay in watching some TV or a movie with popcorn, or maybe playing some video games. Or having lots of sex. Which leads me to...


6. They're Not Half-Bad In Bed


Forget everything you have heard about nerds being bad in bed. No matter how inexperienced some of them might be, they are eager to please their girlfriends, which make them the most caring sex partners. Plus, they are smart and learn things fast, so if you take the time to guide them, you won’t be disappointed!

7. Your Family Will Love Them



Your mother will love him and think that he is so cute and sensitive! And your father will like him too, even if only because they will get a great job in the future and they're reliable.  Your nerd guy will never embarrass you over family dinner, and will look fantastic in a suit. Now that you know why is so good to be with a nerd guy in college don’t waste your time and find yours right now. You might need to ask them out yourself, but it will be so worth it!

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