Satirical Articles Are Starting to Seriously Confuse Me

If you're anything like me then you're one of the many people who fell foul of The Daily Currant's article last week about the whole Kanye West and Nelson Mandela thing. You know the one where he trivialised the death of one of the world's greatest leader and activist? The one we all shared...


Now if you're like me you were pretty outraged by this. Personally I thought it was another PR stunt thought up by West's team to compete with that little twerking asshole who O2 has just texted me saying that she's coming to Ireland in May....goody.

Of course this was all just another one of those satirical articles and Kanye didn't say anything of the sort,  but don't worry there are still plenty of reasons to hate him.

But it's really getting confusing now, all these sites that are following in the footsteps of The Onion, it's hard to keep track of them. I was linked this once, an article claiming that Avicii was cancelling concerts because of Breaking Bad spoilers.



As far as I can tell it was originally written on a music satire site but it was reposted on BelfastDaily.co.uk, so of course I'm going to believe it. So naturally I tell it to my friends and they tell it to their friends until at some point we're told by a less gullible person that it's satire and I've created this big retarded web of stupid people...

Did you know I once wrote a satirical article?


It was up for an hour and half before I had to edit it and add a disclaimer stating that it was just a joke and wasn't actually a thing because people starting emailing and complaining... I dunno guys, are we emotionally ready for satire, it's polluting Facebook and making us all look like complete morons.


There's this guy on Facebook at the moment and I SWEAR TO GAWD if it's another satire I give up....



Please share your thoughts on this whole matter and let me know of any ridiculous articles you've believed in the comments below.


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