Sexy Things Women Do Without Realising It

We pointed out yesterday the sexy things guys do without realising and to be honest it caused a bit of debate in the collegetimes office as to the flip side of that article. So the question arose as to what exactly are the sexy things women do without realising it?

Now it is slightly possible that we've overlooked the 'without realising' part here.....but lets be honest, we're going to ignore that, as when it comes to the opposite sex, there isn't much us guys don't find sexy!

1. Looking at us during conversation - We forget speak how to completely.

2. Grazing us with their boobs.

"Now, a question of etiquette - as I pass, do I give you the ass or the crotch?"  The words of Tyler Durden can be echoed here. They may not even know they're doing it. Or maybe they do.....


3. Biting their bottom lip while concentrating.

4. What they do with our clothes....


that we can't get away with...

5. Playing with their glasses.


6. Playing with their hair.

7. Acknowledging we exist.


8. Doing Yoga.

9. Waking up with bed head.


10. Being Intelligent.

11. Respecting themselves...to a point.


Being Fridget Jones isn't very appealing and either is being an out and out slut. Somewhere in between will do just nicely thank you very much.

12. Bag strap between the boobs.


13. Having the right sense of humour....

14. Bending over.



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