Sh*t People Ask When You're In The Army

Being in the army is not just a job- it's a way of life. With any lifestyle there comes the questions but what is it like to actually be in the army? College Times caught up with an officer to find out what are the most common questions people ask when they find out you're in the army.

1) 'Is it like Call Of Duty?'

No its not. It's real life.

2) 'Do you have a gun?'

It would be fucking difficult if I didn't .


3) 'What's the food like?'

Everything is pretty standard in the army and there's no room for anything fancy.

4) 'What's your uniform like?'

Women are always asking about my uniform. Green obviously suits me.


5) 'What reaction do you get from women when you say you're in the army?'

Can I see you without your uniform ?

6) Have you ever been shot?

No, the whole idea is to try and avoid it.


7) 'Can you kill someone with your bare hands?'

Probably. Especially people who ask dumb shit like that.

8) 'Have you ever seen a terrorist ?'

There are terrorists everywhere. You could be a terrorist.


9) 'Have you ever been on tour ?'

Of course. The best part is always coming home though..

10) 'What the fuck do you actually DO every day?'

What do you mean what do I do? Training and maintaining.


11) 'How are you treated by senior officers ?'

Well, I guess...

12) 'Why do we need an army when we don't ever go to war?'

Just in case. Just.In.Case...


13) 'What's your rank?'

Always getting asked this and then you tell them and its means nothing to them..

14) 'Have you ever shot/killed someone?'

The most commonly asked question.


16) 'Are there girls in the army?'

Of course and just as tough.

17) 'Are there gay men in the army?'

Men are men.


18)'Where do you go overseas?'

Wherever they need us.

19) 'What's the best part?'

Knowing that your doing something worthwhile.

Special thanks to Officer Oisin Murray.

Therese Walsh
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Therese Walsh is a recent graduate of University College Dublin with the entirely employable degree of English and music. She enjoys the facts on the inside of snapple caps and writing mini biographies.
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