Sh*t Guys Do To Impress Girls

It can be hard for guys to to make an impression, competition is stiffso you do your best with what you got. For some guys it's their physique for others, it's their charm. For the rest of us, we just try to get by,with very little. Here are the things that guys do to impress girls:

15) Wearing tight shirts

Jersey Shore is the reason for the rise in popularity of this. Every guy that is even remotely stocky, has a tight shirt for every day of the week to accentuate their average muscles.

14) Leaning against walls

What do you think you're in West Side Story? When you're waiting for someone you think its really cool to lean against a wall. You hope someone is watching cause otherwise you're leaning against a wall for nothing.


13) Acting like you don't care when you really do

Whatever, you think every girl is going to get weak at the knees if you come off as nonchalant. There is a fine line between leading a girl on and making them feel like shit.

12) Wearing Shades

There is barely any sun in Ireland and when there is a little a bit you immediately have to put on shades. They are also used to cover up droopy eyes when you're hungover.


11) Exaggerating how much you work out

"Oh yeah,  I go to the gym like at least five times a week", in reality you can barely make it to the gym without breaking a sweat.

10) Secretly tensing when in the presence of girls

You feel the need to suck in every bit of fat and tense up to try and impress the ladies. Is it really worth it though when you're actually in pain from staying in the same position for so long?


9) Smoking

The majority of guys, start  smoking to try and impress women. When you combine this one with leaning against a wall you really think you're the bees knees.

8) Constantly combing your hair

Yea, we get it you like taking care of your hair,but seriously carrying round a comb with you everywhere is very unhygienic.


7) Showing Off

If you're playing football and there are girls around, you think that they are going to be impressed by you falling on your face trying to do a skill move.

6) Taking your shirt off when it's sunny

We rarely get sun in Ireland, but when do get a day with a bit of sunshine you feel like you have to take your shirt off in front of everyone.


5) Mr. Inconspicuous

Pretending your not even there and dressing all in black. You say you don't want people to notice you, but you put on a sad face and stare out the window waiting for a girl to talk to you.

4) Learning to play the guitar

Everyone knows that if you can play the guitar it automatically means that girls will come flocking. While this is true to an extent, just don't be that guy at a party who plays the guitar the whole night.


3) Driving a car

In terms of impressing girls, this is the oldest trick in the book. Since the 50's guys were learning to the drive so they could pick up chicks. Just don't end up being a taxi rank for every girl in Dublin.

2) Speaking another language

For those lucky folks that speak another language (Not Irish) you are in a unique position. You can seamlessly switch between English and another language and say "Oh sorry, I'm so used to speaking french". You will be the envy of every guy.

1) Busting out the moves

You think you are a great dancer and when your jam comes on, you race to the dance floor to pull out your signature moves.

Kenneth Fox
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I'm a musician and a writer, or a writer and a musician, I can't make up my mind, Either way I'm not particularly good at either. A bit of an old fashioned guy, who enjoys the simpler things in life, nothing fancy.
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